Things I’m Loving


We had an election this week. My preferred party won, but I am also thankful that (at least from my newsfeed and social media) there is a general peace and acceptance. Yes, lots of jokes (having been born while his father was prime minister, our prime-minister-delegate, Justin Trudeau, has grown up in the spotlight and has not been immune to the occasional foible). 

The Internet

Our washer died this last weekend. Fried is probably a better term since it was a motherboard malfunction. Less than 24 hours after the death knell tolled, I had researched, compared and priced a replacement without sacrificing work, play or sleep. Now we can head out Saturday morning, negotiate a better deal (yes, Scott, I will embarrass you by haggling!) and be home hopefully before lunch! 

Snicker doodles

We had a birthday in our office this week, and I needed a quick and easy recipe to whip up amidst the washer research. Snicker doodles are easy-peasy, always turn out perfectly and never fail to please. 

 Eight Hours of Sleep

We’ve had a good run of good solid nights lately. I know saying it jinxes it, but not saying it jinxes it too. I can’t say I feel any more ready to greet the dawn than before but my coffee intake has dropped off significantly in the last week, and considering I don’t like coffee and what it does to me, that is a welcome change. 

Excuses to wear a hoodie and jeans to work

Yes I already blogged about flouting the dress code in the name of “self care” (which is a phrase I loathe), but today I’m in jeans and a hoodie and it’s completely work sanctioned. It’s my slow time so I’m cleaning our storage space. 

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One thought on “Things I’m Loving

  1. omg I haven’t slept eight hours in FOREVER!!! What I wouldn’t do!

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