Poor or cheap

Our washing machine made it through most of the laundry the other week before dying. After bringing in a repairman who told us is wasn’t worth it to repair it, we bought a new set this past weekend.

Yes, a set. We had the repairman take a look at the dryer and while it was mechanically in good condition, the same could be said for our washing machine. Essentially, the computer in the washer died, and there is no way to anticipate that kind of malfunction. It could be in 5 days, it could be in 5 years. Not being particularly daring, we decided not to take the gamble.

But it hurt.

All in all, we were lucky. We were without laundry facilities for a total of 9 1/2 days. With the exception of Charlotte’s pajamas (which took a trip to Nana & Grandpa Daycare to get the ultimate cleaning experience), we didn’t really feel too much of a crunch. There weren’t any trips to the laundromat, shopping sprees at the underwear store, or any handwashing in the sink. As I mentioned at the end of last week, I’d already picked out my replacements before shopping, so if work hadn’t got in the way, we could have been back to washing sooner.

But as I said, it hurt.

We lucked into a good sale, but, at the end of the day, it was a large pot of cash that we handed over. While I feel I have to count myself as lucky to be in a position to hand over that potful of cash, there is no luck to it. There is planning and foresight. Every month, we set aside money to put towards “household repairs”. Most of the time, it just sits there. But when we need it, I’m glad that it’s there.

We haven’t always had that happen. There was the time that Scott had just finished school and wasn’t sure if his internship was going to turn into a permanent job, and both of our cars had died. There was the time we moved back to our home province as a newly wed couple without any job prospects and had to have our parents co-sign our apartment lease. In my mind, that’s still where we were financially. We’re still wincing every time we pull out a debit card. We’re still stressing out every time we go a little over grocery budget. We’re still putting off purchases because “what if!?!?”

We are no where near poor. And yet we often find ourselves talking and acting as if we are. Some may say we’re financially conservative. Others say cautious. I prefer to say “financial responsible.” But at the end of the day I know sometimes, I’m just being cheap.

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One thought on “Poor or cheap

  1. lol, it’s okay to be cheap, at least you’re not being totally frivolous – that would be worse!
    enjoy your new washer, I love new appliances

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