Friday the Great

Ya, I”m trying out new titles for this.

Days Off

I had Wednesday off with my girl. It was the crazy busiest day, as we were prepping for a friend’s shower. But we also had lots of fun, including going to C’s swimming lesson. She’s my little fish: I’ve never seen her happier than when she’s in the water.

Dirt Dessert

Pudding? Whipped Cream? Oreo crumbs? Gummy Worms? I’m 6 years old when I see that. Delicious!


While I may still be nursing Miss C., we’re down to once a day, and if the last couple nights have been any indication, the balance between “doing it for her” and “doing it for me” is slowly shifting from the former to the latter. But it is nice to have a glass or two of wine after she’s gone to bed without having to measure it out, and look at the clock because you know what I remembered? I like wine. It’s some good stuff.


Little C hasn’t always been very affectionate. Until this week. We’ve been having some great morning snuggles. Some great hugs when I get home. Yes, there was the morning she didn’t want anything to do with me, but there were also days when it was obvious that I was the favourite.

Jets Games

I don’t know whether it’s just constantly seeing them has worn down my resistance, but I’m really liking watching Winnipeg Jets games this year. To the point where I was disappointed when Scott said he didn’t see the need to upgrade our cable to watch the next couple games. Don’t worry, I got over it.

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One thought on “Friday the Great

  1. Exciting that she’s becoming more affectionate! And yes to wine!

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