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Friday Stuff & Things Nov. 27

This week was bananas. Seriously. I’m convinced that’s all my daughter ate all week. Maybe some cheese. And any mother out there reading “bananas and cheese” is probably going “oh dear” because that combination doesn’t really work out all that well in the end. The rear end that is.


Three Day Work Weeks

Between a sick day (much needed!) and a vacation day (much needed!), I worked 3 days this week. Guys, it was great. I woke up this morning actually excited to go to work. When was the last time that happened?

Black Friday sales creeping across the border and into Thursday

I took Thursday off to do my Christmas shopping and discovered a lot of sales started a day early. Even better, a lot of sales were online. Especially since my kid wasn’t into the stroller, and I grabbed the wrong baby carrier for long term back carries, and we were both sick. Around 11 that morning, we called it quits after 2 presents (and a number of failed presents) and snuggled on the couch with the laptop. Christmas shopping win.

Baby word development

I’ve been watching an Instagram video of Charlotte wishing her grandpa a happy birthday on loop because I can’t get enough of it. In “rehearsal” she barely made a peep and didn’t even smile. But the minute I hit record, the kid lit up, and managed a pretty great “happy” and “grandpa” before bursting into laughter. Seriously the cutest.

Cold bottles of Coca-Cola

A coworker walked into an office with a bottle of coke, and I just  Of course, I bought my own, but what a perfect way to start a Friday afternoon.

Bull’s Eye Barbecue Sauce

When C was starting foods, and starting to react to foods, I banned all bottled sauces. While I still think my tomato sauce is better than canned, I haven’t quite found the right barbecue sauce recipe. Finally, this week I allowed Scott to buy Bull’s Eye, and it was like heaven on a plate. I ate pulled pork for supper. Threw it on my toast for breakfast and was still salivating when it came time to re-heat my pork on the bun for lunch.

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Friday Stuff & Things

Why do some weeks feel so long? I think maybe I could feel the weight of winter coming on. Which brings me to my first point:

Warm Fall Weather

I don’t remember when I switched jackets in previous years, but I was still wearing my leather jacket (with a warm sweater underneath) all the way to Nov. 18th this year. Of course, I went from “leather jacket and shoes” to “winter parka and snowboots” the next day.

Mandarin Oranges

I’m glad we’re back in winter for that one reason. And that’s about it. Christmas is great an all, but we could always romanticize another holiday. But mandarin oranges? I might put up with the snow for them.

Date Nights

Scott and I are trying to make a conscious effort to spend more time together, especially since we didn’t even notice we had cancelled a date we had planned a year ago (James Bond premier). We now set aside a night every week to spend some time together. This week? Card games.

Bean bag chairs

C’s big into sitting on things. She’ll sit on coffee cans, knees, cry to be placed on chairs. We have a child-size table and chairs in the basement, but she wanted something to read books on upstairs that didn’t involve us picking her up and then letting her down every time she wanted “that book” which was never in the same room. While there’s a good chance that we’ll get her a reading chair for Christmas, in the meantime, we’ve brought out a bean bag chair, and she’s been loving it.

Unlimited Data

Bus rides are long at the end of the fall / beginning of winter. Very long. My 35 minute bus ride becomes over an hour. I need distraction especially on the way home. Music. Movies. Social media. Whatever it takes to get me home!

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Jinxed it

Bare with me. It’s about midnight, and despite going to bed at 9:45, a husband who turns on the light assuming I’m still awake when he comes to bed, and a toddler working on molars have reduced my sleep to virtually nothing.

It’s all because I uttered one little sentence without thinking this morning when complaining to a coworker how tired I’ve been lately: “but it doesn’t make sense! I’ve been sleeping 8 1/2 hours a night!” So it’s with trepidation that I type this next sentence.

We’re doing a much better job of keeping on top of life.

There have been some rough spots. We didn’t have lunches made before we went to bed tonight. But we had clean pots and pans to quickly make something up before work. We forgot to pick up oranges and apples, but we have milk, pears and bananas and were still well under our grocery budget. C’s clothing is still all over the spare bedroom after some repair work in the hallway involved cutting a hole in her closet that has now been patched, but that has more to do with the fact that our nightly “clean up time” is after her bedtime.

Life doesn’t FEEL that much more in control, but it’s the weirdest times that I notice it. When we left for the weekend Saturday morning, our house was a disaster, and C was in a “pull everything out of the cupboards” mood. We didn’t have a chance to put it back before we left, and even when we got home the next day, we were home just long enough for C to track all of the mess into different rooms. Sunday evening, once we finally had a chance to be home for more than 30 minutes, we rushed around and cleaned up. We were exhausted before we started, but our house was clean. Not spotless, but clean.

In a way it was reminiscent of the days when we would get a phone call from Scott’s parents that they were halfway through the inter-provincial journey to our apartment, and we would rush around and clean our disaster of our apartment. In a way, it was a good way to see how far we’d come. It would take us until the minute they showed up (roughly 2 hours), and much of the “stuff” would have just been thrown into closets and under beds. This time, it took us less than 1 hour, and we had much more space and a tasmanian toddler to contend with. Progress couldn’t be denied.

But the best feeling? Lying on the couch when it was all said and done, knowing we still had an hour until bed, and knowing that every detail of the week would go that much smoother so long as we just picked up after ourselves every night.

And so far, we have 🙂

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Friday Thanks and Things Toddler Edition

Let’s face it, with two days off this week, that meant an extra two days with my girl, and that made for a pretty great week. Why not focus on the great things related to her!

These shoes

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.45.14 PM

These shoes arrived yesterday and I completely adore them. They remind me of something I would have had as a kid, so I think it’s adorable LIttle C has some now.

Board books

Little C is all about books these days. There is nothing more adorable than seeing her grab a book to read to herself, seeing her reading to her bear, or seeing her toddle over to get you to read to her. Right now, the favourites are Go Dog Go, Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, and we can’t go to bed without Goodnight Moon (though I do despise that one!).


She’s always been a spirited kid, but for a girl who doesn’t choose to use many words with Scott and I, it’s amazing how well she communicates what she wants. She can open the bench where we keep her jackets, find her shoes, and throw a temper tantrum at the back door when we don’t immediately take her outside to play.


I can remember the days of an hour or more to get her to sleep at bedtime. Now, once we go through the bedtime routine (about 10 minutes), we put her in the crib, tuck her in with her blanket and her bear, and walk away. It’s magic, every night.

Playing with her best bud

When I was off on Monday, we had a very short play date with the youngest two of her cousins. She was PUMPED to see them. A day later, my mom sent me a picture of her and her cousin of practically the same age playing together at her house, and both were just as thrilled. It so cute to watch the two of them together

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The Joy of Monday

Friday was a pretty terrible day, body-wise. And my body decided that it was a little grumpy Saturday and a bit of Sunday too. This weekend just needed a do-over button.

And this week I get it.

Sure, it’s because Little C needs to get her flu shot and since they make flu vaccines in egg (uh-huh), I have to keep an close eye on her which means taking the whole day off. It was a hard sell 😛

It just feels weird to look forward to a Monday!

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Friday Thanks and Things

I’m so thankful it’s Friday. I’m not so thankful that I’m getting some dental work done this morning and then both my flu shot and a measles booster this afternoon. But let’s focus on the good things.

My Apple Ecosystem

The other night, I had my glasses off already but knew I had to squeeze a work out in to go towards my goal of 4x a week, so a couple clicks later, I had the yoga video from my computer on the TV. Sure, I was cursing Apple earlier this week when my El Capitan installation failed and I had no operating system for about 24 hours. But when Apple works, it works seamlessly!

Ginger Snaps

This was a tough week. I dealt with aggressive people at work, frustrating situations, and extra long meetings but the kicker was finding a dead mouse in my office. On these types of weeks, you really have to just stop, take a breath, and find whatever it will take to get you through. Thursday, after a 3 hours meeting followed by another 30 minute meeting, I was glad I had squirreled away a ginger snap from the coffee break of the first meeting.


We’re trying to keep on top of things a lot better through the week, as I mentioned in Wednesday’s post. The “pick everything up before bed” is the one that makes the difference. I still have one room in the house which is a disaster, but most of the rest of the house could handle unexpected guests without having to explain “we have a toddler” before they cross the threshold (even though that would be relatively self-explanatory).  It makes getting up in the morning easier too!

Little C’s attempts at tickling

That little girl loves to be tickled and tickle back. But her tickles are hilarious. She opens and clenches her hands as she runs towards you, and when she finally gets close to you, she holds her hands open and gently touches you. She erupts in giggles, which makes me erupt in laughs, so I guess it works?

Nearly Achieving Goals

I went to the gym Monday. I went Tuesday. I did yoga Wednesday night. Thursday my gym plans were sidelined by a long meeting that interfered with my lunch (when I usually work out), and a sick baby (me, though C isn’t doing all that well either). Friday’s medical appointments might make it hard to get in the 4th I had aimed to do, but I’m fairly confident that 3/4 isn’t too bad, considering schedule I’m working with!

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Currently: In November

What a month October was, but here we are in November! Thank you for Anne and Jenna for another month’s Currently!

Cooking: clean comfort foods. Homemade hamburger helper, crockpot baked potato soup, chicken pot pies. This is what fall is all about!

Planning: our “life reboot”. I’ve finally hit the acceptance stage of my “back to work” grieving process, and while it doesn’t mean I like it, it means that I am ready to implement long term strategies to make this new life run smoothly. Work outs, meal plans, cleaning schedules… They’re my jam

Smelling: Chicken carcass stewing in water with dead plants. You know, the aroma of making homemade chicken stock.

Appreciating: My parents for giving up their retirement to look after my little girl. I don’t know how long they’ll keep this up, and my brain just doesn’t want to comprehend how to switch to daycare after this. Excuse me, I have to go buy a lottery ticket… oh wait… didn’t I just say I’d accepted being back at work?

Anticipating: Is it too early to say Christmas? We put on The Addams Family on Halloween, which starts with Christmas carols. C’s little eyes lit up, her face broke into a big smile, she raised her little arm up, and stomped her feet in her little dance. Now, this kid loves music, but I’ve never seen her explode with joy in that way. So strange how she was barely 3 months old when she last experienced Christmas, and almost 2 whole months until Christmas comes again, but she’s already figured it out.

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