Friday Thanks and Things

I’m so thankful it’s Friday. I’m not so thankful that I’m getting some dental work done this morning and then both my flu shot and a measles booster this afternoon. But let’s focus on the good things.

My Apple Ecosystem

The other night, I had my glasses off already but knew I had to squeeze a work out in to go towards my goal of 4x a week, so a couple clicks later, I had the yoga video from my computer on the TV. Sure, I was cursing Apple earlier this week when my El Capitan installation failed and I had no operating system for about 24 hours. But when Apple works, it works seamlessly!

Ginger Snaps

This was a tough week. I dealt with aggressive people at work, frustrating situations, and extra long meetings but the kicker was finding a dead mouse in my office. On these types of weeks, you really have to just stop, take a breath, and find whatever it will take to get you through. Thursday, after a 3 hours meeting followed by another 30 minute meeting, I was glad I had squirreled away a ginger snap from the coffee break of the first meeting.


We’re trying to keep on top of things a lot better through the week, as I mentioned in Wednesday’s post. The “pick everything up before bed” is the one that makes the difference. I still have one room in the house which is a disaster, but most of the rest of the house could handle unexpected guests without having to explain “we have a toddler” before they cross the threshold (even though that would be relatively self-explanatory).  It makes getting up in the morning easier too!

Little C’s attempts at tickling

That little girl loves to be tickled and tickle back. But her tickles are hilarious. She opens and clenches her hands as she runs towards you, and when she finally gets close to you, she holds her hands open and gently touches you. She erupts in giggles, which makes me erupt in laughs, so I guess it works?

Nearly Achieving Goals

I went to the gym Monday. I went Tuesday. I did yoga Wednesday night. Thursday my gym plans were sidelined by a long meeting that interfered with my lunch (when I usually work out), and a sick baby (me, though C isn’t doing all that well either). Friday’s medical appointments might make it hard to get in the 4th I had aimed to do, but I’m fairly confident that 3/4 isn’t too bad, considering schedule I’m working with!

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One thought on “Friday Thanks and Things

  1. be proud of 3 workouts, that’s awesome!!
    now I want ginger cookies lol

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