Friday Thanks and Things Toddler Edition

Let’s face it, with two days off this week, that meant an extra two days with my girl, and that made for a pretty great week. Why not focus on the great things related to her!

These shoes

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.45.14 PM

These shoes arrived yesterday and I completely adore them. They remind me of something I would have had as a kid, so I think it’s adorable LIttle C has some now.

Board books

Little C is all about books these days. There is nothing more adorable than seeing her grab a book to read to herself, seeing her reading to her bear, or seeing her toddle over to get you to read to her. Right now, the favourites are Go Dog Go, Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, and we can’t go to bed without Goodnight Moon (though I do despise that one!).


She’s always been a spirited kid, but for a girl who doesn’t choose to use many words with Scott and I, it’s amazing how well she communicates what she wants. She can open the bench where we keep her jackets, find her shoes, and throw a temper tantrum at the back door when we don’t immediately take her outside to play.


I can remember the days of an hour or more to get her to sleep at bedtime. Now, once we go through the bedtime routine (about 10 minutes), we put her in the crib, tuck her in with her blanket and her bear, and walk away. It’s magic, every night.

Playing with her best bud

When I was off on Monday, we had a very short play date with the youngest two of her cousins. She was PUMPED to see them. A day later, my mom sent me a picture of her and her cousin of practically the same age playing together at her house, and both were just as thrilled. It so cute to watch the two of them together

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