Friday Stuff & Things

Why do some weeks feel so long? I think maybe I could feel the weight of winter coming on. Which brings me to my first point:

Warm Fall Weather

I don’t remember when I switched jackets in previous years, but I was still wearing my leather jacket (with a warm sweater underneath) all the way to Nov. 18th this year. Of course, I went from “leather jacket and shoes” to “winter parka and snowboots” the next day.

Mandarin Oranges

I’m glad we’re back in winter for that one reason. And that’s about it. Christmas is great an all, but we could always romanticize another holiday. But mandarin oranges? I might put up with the snow for them.

Date Nights

Scott and I are trying to make a conscious effort to spend more time together, especially since we didn’t even notice we had cancelled a date we had planned a year ago (James Bond premier). We now set aside a night every week to spend some time together. This week? Card games.

Bean bag chairs

C’s big into sitting on things. She’ll sit on coffee cans, knees, cry to be placed on chairs. We have a child-size table and chairs in the basement, but she wanted something to read books on upstairs that didn’t involve us picking her up and then letting her down every time she wanted “that book” which was never in the same room. While there’s a good chance that we’ll get her a reading chair for Christmas, in the meantime, we’ve brought out a bean bag chair, and she’s been loving it.

Unlimited Data

Bus rides are long at the end of the fall / beginning of winter. Very long. My 35 minute bus ride becomes over an hour. I need distraction especially on the way home. Music. Movies. Social media. Whatever it takes to get me home!

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One thought on “Friday Stuff & Things

  1. Yes, we’ve had a mild fall too which has been nice! It got pretty cold this weekend, but for November it’s not bad! I love your weekly date night idea, and it’s one that my husband and I need to be better about making time for. We do have one scheduled for this week though, yay!

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