Friday Stuff & Things Nov. 27

This week was bananas. Seriously. I’m convinced that’s all my daughter ate all week. Maybe some cheese. And any mother out there reading “bananas and cheese” is probably going “oh dear” because that combination doesn’t really work out all that well in the end. The rear end that is.


Three Day Work Weeks

Between a sick day (much needed!) and a vacation day (much needed!), I worked 3 days this week. Guys, it was great. I woke up this morning actually excited to go to work. When was the last time that happened?

Black Friday sales creeping across the border and into Thursday

I took Thursday off to do my Christmas shopping and discovered a lot of sales started a day early. Even better, a lot of sales were online. Especially since my kid wasn’t into the stroller, and I grabbed the wrong baby carrier for long term back carries, and we were both sick. Around 11 that morning, we called it quits after 2 presents (and a number of failed presents) and snuggled on the couch with the laptop. Christmas shopping win.

Baby word development

I’ve been watching an Instagram video of Charlotte wishing her grandpa a happy birthday on loop because I can’t get enough of it. In “rehearsal” she barely made a peep and didn’t even smile. But the minute I hit record, the kid lit up, and managed a pretty great “happy” and “grandpa” before bursting into laughter. Seriously the cutest.

Cold bottles of Coca-Cola

A coworker walked into an office with a bottle of coke, and I just  Of course, I bought my own, but what a perfect way to start a Friday afternoon.

Bull’s Eye Barbecue Sauce

When C was starting foods, and starting to react to foods, I banned all bottled sauces. While I still think my tomato sauce is better than canned, I haven’t quite found the right barbecue sauce recipe. Finally, this week I allowed Scott to buy Bull’s Eye, and it was like heaven on a plate. I ate pulled pork for supper. Threw it on my toast for breakfast and was still salivating when it came time to re-heat my pork on the bun for lunch.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Stuff & Things Nov. 27

  1. Woohoo for a 3 day work week and getting some Christmas shopping done. I really need to get on that! And I agree, there’s nothing like an ice cold coke.

  2. I’m binge reading/commenting on your blog this afternoon. Darn this new job making it hard for me to keep up – anyway, we had a week where all Ollie would eat was applesauce and crackers – kind of the opposite problem in the rear if you catch my drift!

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