Currently: In December

Thank you Jenna and Anne for another month of “Currently”!

Wishing: that I knew the right decision for C’s daycare arrangements. There *may* be a spot for her at a daycare. While I knew the day would come, I was perfectly content riding out our back-up plan for as long as possible. As hard as it is to leave her every morning, it’s been so much easier knowing she was going to my parents, not some institution.

Remembering: Little Miss C at last Christmas. I remember having a tough time sleeping with her in our room, but even a tougher time moving her into her own room. But that started our routine of morning snuggles.

Wrapping: haven’t started wrapping, but Santa arrived in the form of UPS arrived at our place last night, so wrapping is just around the corner. I am looking forward to putting on a Christmas movie Saturday afternoon when C is napping and getting started.

Baking: holding off on baking until Monday on the off chance that C’s allergy appointment reveals that she’s no longer allergic to eggs. You have to admit, it would be a LOT easier if you could bake with eggs, right? Admittedly, C will get very little baking, but there’s no way I’m going to remember what I made with and without egg.

Decorating: we’re decorating the tree one step a day. There are two reasons for that — first our “pre-lit tree” didn’t fully light this year, so I had to remove the lights and string new ones. I’m also hoping that if we slowly introduce decorations, maybe Little C won’t destroy the tree?

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4 thoughts on “Currently: In December

  1. oh toddlers and Christmas decorations… tons o’ fun!
    I’ve had to say “stop touching the tree” more times than I can count… and next year, I’ll be at it again when Oliver is a year and a half… it never ends

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  2. I feel your pain with the egg allergy because my son has shown signs of a dairy allergy. 😦 Hopefully they’ll both outgrow it!!

  3. I hope the egg allergy is better. We tried cow’s milk with Ollie this fall and he’s still not ready. Thankfully it’s still just plain milk, anything cooked still seems ok.

  4. Wrapping gifts is something I actually enjoy doing, too, but usually save it until last minute. I hope you had a fun afternoon of wrapping this weekend!

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