Friday Stuff & Things

Again, what a week. It twisted and turned and I’m so glad it’s almost over

Homemade Subs

My mom makes the best subs and I may have guilted her into making them for Grey Cup Sunday and inviting me over, even though I have no interest in football whatsoever.

C’s Reaction to the Christmas tree

When just the tree was up, Little C barely paid any attention to it. In her defense, there is a giant palm fern in the living room that she knows she’s not to touch. When the lights went on, and lit up? So did her face. And then the sparkly ornaments? She walks so cautiously up to them with her finger outstretched, just barely touching them. Sure, occasionally, she’ll misjudge her reach and one will tumble, but it’s hilarious to watch her try to hang it back up.

Easy Decisions

We got a call that here was a spot available for Charlotte at a local daycare. I checked some references, made some calls, did some Googling and discovered that it’s a very well regarded daycare with some excellent programs. But my heart sunk. How could I send my daughter to be looked after by strangers when she’s not even old enough to tell me if something is wrong? Fortunately, my parents seemed to be as upset as I was and offered to keep looking after her indefinitely. Um, yes please!

New Recipes

We’re trying a couple new recipes a week around here. So far, nothing has been exceptional. But we’re trying them. We’re planning ahead, we’re grocery shopping with a list, and we’re branching out. Tonight will be our first crack at tomato soup not from Campbell’s.  It could be interesting!

Settling into work

Maybe it’s because the daycare situation has been solidified after months of waiting and wondering. Maybe it’s because I’ve got almost a full academic term under my belt again. Maybe it’s because our currently in-progress office relocation is making us band together as a team to get ready to go, but I finally feel a bit more settled into work. I’m still itching to get onto the next step in my career, but I’m fine riding it out until then.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Stuff & Things

  1. Yay for parents who will do daycare, amiright???? It seriously makes the whole thing so much better – big kudos for your parents saying they’d keep doing it for you!

  2. lol wait until next year, the first few days I swear I said “Don’t touch the ornaments” 100000000 times

    novelty is finally wearing off… then I get to do it again next year 🙂

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

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