Friday Stuff and Things

This week has been hard to look at the good side. We’ve undergone some major changes at work, and while I know the issues we’re dealing with are just growing pains, I’ve felt the pressure to put on a positive face for the sake of my colleagues. And nothing makes the small issues seem big like trying to make the small issues seem smaller. The week has also been rough for Scott at work, and our poor little munchkin was beside herself last night for reasons unknown to us, but likely just because we’ve been bringing home so much work stress with us.

Clear Allergy Tests

Remember C’s egg allergy? Gone. Done. Over. A thing of the past. Sure, we haven’t been so brave as to make her an omelet yet, but we have fed her regular pasta, and regular bread, and of course, on the day of her clear test, let her gorge herself with cookies. Poor thing doesn’t understand why I got so giddy going grocery shopping this week, buying all the stuff that’s been “off limits” for half a year (but I forgot the mayonnaise. How could I forget the mayo?)

Warm Winter Night Walks

You know those days when you say to yourself: “I should really put my bus pass in a different pocket so it doesn’t fall out?” and then you forget and when you get home you realize it fell out somewhere? This prompted a family walk to the grocery store to pick up bus tickets. Not only was it a beautiful night out, Little C went crazy every time we passed a house with Christmas decorations.

Co-Sleeping Almost Snuggles

Little C is a champ. She let out one giant cry during the allergy test. And then she let out one giant cry later that day when I took her for her flu shot booster. And that was the only reaction she had to either experience during the day. But that night, she fussed in her sleep. Rubbing her back didn’t settle her. Rocking didn’t settle her. Finally, I brought her to bed with me, and while I didn’t have a great sleep for the couple hours she was snuggled beside me (not actually touching me, because, let’s face it, she’s not that much of a cuddler), it was wonderful to wake up to see her sweet sleepy face.

Wearing Former Favourite Clothes

The decided benefit of having returned to major turnover in your office is that you can start reaching for old standby outfits and have people thinking that you’ve got your stuff together, if you’re able to throw together amazing outfits without any effort. Ha.

Shoe Polish

I don’t have the energy to find shoes that fit. I don’t have the desire to figure out what shoes are “in.” But my shoes were looking worn, so I took the 20 minutes over the weekend to smear some shoe polish on them. They don’t look brand new. But they don’t look beaten down. And you know what? That’s kind of how I’m feeling these days.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Stuff and Things

  1. so funny, I said to my husband last night that I wish I could bring Annabelle (2.5) into bed with us sometimes because I miss the snuggles… but she’d want to sleep there every night. The good thing is, she has a big girl bed, so if we really want snuggles we can just go to her 😉
    yay for clear allergy tests!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  2. I’m so happy that the allergy tests came back clear! And I’m guilty of cuddling on the couch with Ollie on weekend mornings sometimes because I love the snuggles.

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