Friday Stuff and Things

Each day gets exponentially longer the closer one gets to Christmas, yes?

The Holiday Slow Down

Admit it, productivity slows down at an alarming rate the closer to the holiday break for everyone, right? We have some newbies in the office, so it’s a good chance to get to know them.

Actually having your child understand “Gentle”

Our Christmas tree is still standing. And all the ornaments are still on the tree where I put them. It’s a small miracle. C is fully into the “ET Finger Tap” so she likes to gently touch each reflective ball, but has only accidentally knocked a couple off over the last 3 weeks (and was horrified).


A couple girls are talking about hummus at work and now that’s all I want from life.

What sound does a penguin make?

The answer is waddle waddle. And a toddler who waddles as she says it? Too cute.

Work Christmas Parties during Work Hours

A little bit of wine in an office setting while being paid is much better than after hours, in my opinion. Going outside in the evening in winter is highly overrated. That might explain why I haven’t bought groceries in over a week.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Stuff and Things

  1. lol at the penguin joke, cute!!

    now I want hummus!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  2. Aww, the penguin thing is too cute! And yes, the days are getting soooooo long. I have no idea how I will survive three days this week. It’s only three days. But still. Ugh.

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