Friday…err…Saturday Stuff & Things

There was just so much good this week. So much good.

Turning a negative into a positive

Scott didn’t want to shovel the driveway on our first full day of Christmas vacation as a family. Since we didn’t have a reason to drive anywhere, I couldn’t justify making him do it, and I certainly wasn’t going to either. Instead, when cabin fever set in, we took C on her first sled ride, pulling her up and down our snowy driveway.

Good Naps

While it did take a while for her to decide it was naptime, not a single nap was missed during the busiest three days of Christmas (24th – 26th… though we anticipate tomorrow being busy too!).  In fact, some extras were thrown in as well, which is hard to complain about. It sometimes took a while for her to fall asleep, but it provided endless amounts of amusement to family who aren’t used to kids being around as she babbled and giggled through the baby monitor.

Cold Weather

It’s not often that I’m thankful for cold weather, but here in the prairies, cold weather usually means perfect highway conditions. We weren’t going to be back “home” at Scott’s parents for long (just one night) so we didn’t want the roads to cut our time any shorter. Of course, that cold temperature also played into the reason our trip was so short. We have an Christmas brunch here in the city, and it just didn’t seem worth it to wake up at the crack of dawn and drive through -37 degree windchill instead of heading home this afternoon.

Bath Time

It’s not very Christmas-y, but thank goodness for bath nights. We typically bathe C every second night, but Christmas celebrations got in the way, so there were an extra couple of days between baths. Sure, the kid doesn’t get that dirty, but she LOVES baths. She can be in the worst of moods and then the minute to say “Bath,” she is practically skipping to the bathroom with a giant smile on her face. After 2 1/2 hours in the car and being generally overwhelmed by the whole “Christmas” thing, she was ready for that soul-restoring bath.


CHEESY PANTS! My family is fairly tight knit and we stay in regular contact. C sees my parents 5 days a week, and her cousins and my sister at least twice a week (I’m not sure how often she sees my brother-in-law…). We rarely have a awkward silence, unless Scott or this aforementioned brother-in-law makes an awkward joke. But Scott’s family is a little more distant — partially because of distance. But even though C doesn’t see her grandparents, two aunts and two uncles as often as she sees the family on my side, it was obvious they all were very excited to see her (and she was super excited to see her Auntie Jenna most of all!). And while the brothers don’t typically have a lot in common and thus spend very little time together, we had a good evening talking and playing a trivia game.

I hope you have plenty to appreciate after a few days of festive times!

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