Currently: January

Resolving: to act
It feels a little cheesy to me to choose a word to centre your year (I feel compelled to embroider it on a pillow and despite my newfound domesticity, ain’t nobody got time for that!), when I thought about the next year, I kept thinking about how I wanted to ACT more.  Now that we have survived our first full year (and then some) with the little one, I feel we can go back to acting rather than reacting when it comes to our day to day life. I also want to stop planning to do things with Scott and actually start doing them — even if it means buying tickets to things before we’ve had a chance to think things through (and have to get creative on babysitting).  And finally, I want to find something I’m passionate about and find away to take an active role in supporting that cause. It’s perhaps my most vague goal and one I don’t anticipate to necessarily get right on the first try.

Reading: Margaret Atwood’s Bluebeard’s Egg
Now this is where it gets a little embarrassing.  A friend posted a year long reading challenge on Instagram that included “Read A Book You Haven’t Read Yet”.  I marched over to my bookshelf, went to the top shelf and pulled out the first book I hadn’t read, the one listed above. I pulled it out on the bus on Monday morning and realized there were markings in the margins. That’s not uncommon since I bought a good many of my Atwood books at a no-longer-existing second hand bookstore in Regina (side bar: I loved that shop!) But the marginalia was definitely my writing. Three-quarters of the way through the story started to sound familiar. “Oh right! The brother dies in a plane crash!” I think and figure it’ll likely cover another category on the challenge and keep reading. And then, I get to the end. The brother doesn’t die. There is no plane crash. And then I realize that Atwood, in her very Atwoodian way, has recycled this story in one of her novels. I still have no recollection of reading this book. A few more short stories in, and I STILL have no recollection of reading this what-so-ever (though my marginalia has stopped, so maybe I did too?).

Organizing: A Birthday Party!
Today is my birthday! And while 32 seems like an odd number to celebrate, I am all about celebrating this year. We actually had to cancel my 30th birthday because it was terribly terribly cold, and I was horribly sick, and we had just found out I was pregnant and I couldn’t wrap my head around anything. I’d had a case of the residual grumps about that for the longest time so I figured why not celebrate 32 like it’s my 30th?! We’re having a come-and-go type of party on Saturday, inviting our friends and their kids.

Loving: My FitBit
Scott got me a FitBit for Christmas and while it did end up in the toilet a couple days in, it survived and now I’m a step tracking junky. I like that it tracks my water, my steps and my physical activity, and works almost seamlessly from the clip to my phone to my computer. I’m not so much into the goal setting, but very much into the patting-myself-on-the-back at the end of a particularly walk-y day.

I am so over food right now. I ate way too much at Christmas, had a filling supper and am mostly just thirsty (does anyone else find that they feel more dehydrated when they start consciously drinking more water? I assume it’s something to do with flushing out the old retained water or something, but yowza I could drink my weight in water these days!)

Thank you Anne and Jenna! I look forward to this link up every month!

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8 thoughts on “Currently: January


    I seriously need to hop on the fit bit train! I keep hearing such great things

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    • Thank you! And yes, I’m fully on a FitBit high… hopefully I keep with it. I’m hoping to get into the friend challenges soon for extra motivation. I tried to get some people at work hyped up (since most of us actually got fit bits for Christmas!) but they gave me some serious side eye. I may have been a little too eager and a lot too caffeinated!

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I wish I lived near you and could come to your party, that sounds fun to me! I hope this is the best year ever. And hit me up if you want to be Fitbit friends. I’m trying to be better about wearing mine again.

  3. Happy birthday! And oh my goodness your resolve… to act instead of react is huge. I know what you mean exactly.

  4. Happy birthday!! I love that you’re resolving to act, I think that’s a great word. I’m such a planner and I always have a list of things I WANT to do that’s miles long, but actually getting around to DOING them is another story, so I can relate for sure.

  5. I got a fitbit, too!! I’m completely obsessed with checking my steps throughout the day, and I’m definitely walking a lot more now that I have it. I’m glad you like yours, too!
    Thanks for linking up!! Happy new year!

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