These Little Moments

I know I usually end my week with some type of list of things I’m proud of in the week, silver linings that I’d found, or just the random details of my life I want to remember. Now, that exercise will start my week, thanks to a fellow Canadian – blogging – mama, Shaunacey from Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy who is starting up Monday Moments of Gratitude


Since the beginning of January are the hardest weeks for me at work, I’m kind of glad to have had the weekend to practice some gratitude, because sometimes, the best way to deal with a rough week isn’t to try to knitpick out the good details, but to just straight up forget it.

But the weekend? It made it easy to forget the week. And I actively took two moments to sit and reflect on how great my life was in those moments.

The first was around 3 on Saturday. After having to cancel my 30th birthday / house warming party / New Year’s Eve party two years ago, birthdays have made me grumpy. So this year, we decided it was time to reclaim them. We held a come and go “Belated 30th / Housewarming / We had a baby” party, and as any one who has thrown a come-and-go party knows, no one shows up right at the start. As a result, we had a perfectly clean house and nothing to do. C was still down for a nap (which she took willingly — not something that happens often!), and the sun was streaming in through the window. For a moment, it was peaceful. It was calm. It was serene. It was what every parent longs for on a Saturday. So I soaked it in (and then resumed my paranoid neurotic thought pattern which kept telling me that no one was ever going to show up… but I digress).

And when people showed up, people showed up. People we hadn’t seen in months. Others we hadn’t seen in years. It was more than we could have hoped for, given how checked out we’d been as of late. But that, of course, came with a price. The party was still going strong when it was time for C to go to bed, and of course, she wasn’t as willing to sleep with a house full of people. I shrugged to Scott as I grabbed a wrap to put C on my back to keep her calm but still part of the action: “It’s just one night.” As I stood swaying back and forth, still actively engaged in the group I realized that for once, I was having the metaphoric “all” that I never really attempted because I never thought it was possible. You could have kids and still have a social life. It just took some flexibility, and while it isn’t my strong point, I could make it work.

I needed that party. I needed it to forget the week I’d had at work. I needed it to get over the grumpiness I’ve felt about birthdays. I needed it to have an excuse to clean and primp the house. I needed it to show me that we could still have a life and a baby. And I needed to take those moments to actually appreciate that there is a lot of good in our life and hopefully that is something that will carry me through this work week (you know, so we don’t have to have another party next weekend).

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3 thoughts on “These Little Moments

  1. Thanks for linking up and I love this post!! I also love how your moments were so different, one quiet and calm and the other during a busy party with a toddler but both you were able to enjoy!
    I am already loving these weekly posts because they’re forcing me to look for the beautiful moments every day and that is a blessing!!
    Happy Monday, hope you have a beautiful week!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  2. Love the idea of starting the week off with a little gratitude! I might have to join up next week! And I’m so glad the party was just what you needed. I remember our first party after Ollie was born too and how needed it was and how much it helped me feel like me again. It’s those moments you have to cling to on the not so good days!

  3. So glad that Shaunacey started this link up! Sounds like you and I are at opposite ends of the parenting spectrum – you have a new baby, and my boys are 21 and 18! I enjoyed reading about your gratitude moments.

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