2016 Reading Challenge: Book 2


Book: The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

It’s amazing how long you can get by with saying: “Well, of course, there is The Heart of Darkness, but that’s an overused comparison…” in school to avoid having to actually admit that your knowledge of the book actually comes from the movie Apocalypse Now.  I *may* have avoided reading it for 10 solid years of postsecondary academia.

And I should have waited another 10 years. At least. Once I realized how quick it was to read when I considered it was only about 150 pages, but getting into it was a drag. Finishing it was a drag. It was really only the middle portion I burned through, but that’s likely due to the fact I was pinned in place by a sleeping baby (a classic #sorrynotsorry moment… well, I am sorry that I grabbed my eReader instead of my phone when I went to check in on her cries).


What surprised me the most was how not profound I found the ending to be. That should not have been a surprise as I did remember, as I was reading, that I never actually saw the end of Apocalypse Now because I fell asleep.


1/5 stars

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One thought on “2016 Reading Challenge: Book 2

  1. Sheila (of Ephemera)

    I’ve never read “Heart of Darkness” (L is a Conrad fan, not me), and based on your review, I’m not going to! I did finally venture into Hemingway recently, having only read some short stories, and quite liked “The Sun Also Rises” so I may venture that way again. I like your reading checklist, Cara.

    Thank you for the comment on the blog today – I’m glad you’re still here and I’m glad you are still writing.

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