Currently: In February…

What does February look like around these parts?

Sending: positive thoughts into the atmosphere. I still have all the usual complaints (Whaa whaa, I’m a working mom, whaa whaa, I don’t get enough time with my kid… you’ve heard it now for months). C is also at the imitation age, so she likes to grab my lunch bag, stand by the back door, blow kisses and say: “Buh-bye! Luvff” in the evenings (like I do in the mornings) which breaks my little heart that that is the image she has of me. I don’t want to make any changes at work that aren’t the right changes, so I hope if I send good vibes out into the world, the good vibes will come back to me.

Eating: Good, homemade meals for the most part. We’re trying to branch out from the “Usual” to find new “usuals”. We’ve had a lot of fails (turns out Scott’s love for lemon pepper chicken wings does NOT equate to a love of lemon chicken in general), but we’re slowly figuring out what works for our tastebuds and our schedules. Wednesday supper? Ham and broccoli quiche.

Dreaming: I keep dreaming about work. Of course, I’m creating forms and databases right now, so those are what I consider (frustrating) fun, so it’s not that bad. But seriously, when we dream of work, why can’t we count it as overtime?

Smelling: Beer. Beer is the only reason hockey games are bareable, and it isn’t a Tuesday night if the Jets aren’t playing. Tonight, it’s an Alexander Keith’s IPA (which really isn’t an IPA). I don’t know who the Jets are playing. The green team.

Hearting: Morning workouts. I know I begrudge them every morning when the alarm goes off, and I have to start with knee lifts (why does every T25 exercise start with knee lifts? my hip flexors don’t appreciate it), but days we don’t work out I feel super groggy. Current February.jpg

Thanks again to Jenna and Anne!

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4 thoughts on “Currently: In February…

  1. I hate when I dream of work! It should totally count as overtime, lol!

  2. I’d like to try your ham and broccoli quiche! Yum!

  3. Ha! I wish work dreams were on the clock! 🙂 I hope the positive vibes you’re sending out bring positive things back your way!!

  4. work dreams are the WORST!!
    YAY for morning workouts, I’ve never been able to do them so props to you friend!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

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