2016 Reading Challenge: Book 3

About a year ago, when I was devouring books like crazy on my eReader in the middle of the night as Charlotte refused to sleep anywhere but in my arms in her rocking chair, I asked my mother and sister for books to read. While my mother tends to go for soul wrenching tales of woe, I can’t quite bring myself to willingly break my own heart, especially not in the middle of the night. And my sister? I’ve spent my entire life trying not to be her, so I certainly didn’t take any of her suggestions to heart.

But when all the books on my Amazon list had been bought and Scott needed one for my stocking, I told him about a book that my sister recommended, and was not the least bit surprised when I opened it Christmas morning. While it wasn’t a direct “You should read this” “Ok” transaction, I’m using The Table of the Lesser Valued Knights by Marie Phillips as my “Recommended by … sibling… book”MMD-2016-Reading-Challenge-page-001.jpg

This was a delightful and quick read. I used to claim that the lightest beach reading that I would be willing to do would be Margaret Laurence (who, for the record, wrote highly symbolic tales of terribly downtrodden people living miserable lives in miserable places — you likely know her from The Stone Angel). I think it’s fair to say that this book is significantly more… fluffy. But, it was amusing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Until the end. Seriously. I get that it’s a fairy tale spoof, but did we really need the terribly saccharine ending? I was all ready to go out and buy a few of her other books until I read her very last paragraph that was so sweet, it reminded me of the terribly putrid glucose beverage they make you drink for your gestational diabetes test when you’re pregnant.

But I still have to give it 3.5/5 stars, because it was highly amusing until that point.

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One thought on “2016 Reading Challenge: Book 3

  1. one day i’ll read a book again….

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