Brain and Muscle Fatigue

Two minutes into my workout yesterday I threw in the towel. I I tried twice to jump back into it, but nothing could persuade me finish the cardio workout, which is usually one of my favourites. As I jumped on the treadmill (I thought it would be rude to leave Scott working out alone), I started listing all the reasons T25 has fallen from my good graces. 

  1. Every (well almost every) workout starts with high knees, high knees on toes, controlled jog and fast high knees. 
  2. It’s usually followed by a lunge progression, moving into squats. The exception is ab intervals which skips the lunges, but still has the squats, only they involve punching your stomach. Uh-huh. 
  3. It’s 25 minutes five days a week. Except it’s 50 minutes on Friday. And there’s also a 6th workout on Sunday
  4. His team often struggles with the workout which can sometimes make the workout feel impossible. 
  5. It works. And so I’ll wake up today and get back into it. 
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