These Little Moments #6

I know this should be about appreciating moments that have happened in your week, but sometimes, it takes planning to get moments.

I have, and always will be, a big proponent of traditions. It’s a tradition in and of itself. Once we had C, I thought it all the more important to cultivate family traditions. One of the ones that I am insistent upon is going to Festival du Voyageur, a winter time festival celebrating the fur-trading days of early Canada. Last year was the first year I had been in almost two decades, but it went surprisingly well, despite the very cold temperatures. C was young enough that, bundled up tight, she could fall asleep if she wanted. I can remember her getting fussy a time or two but we managed to see the sights, get some food and head home before any meltdowns happened.

This year, we bundled all of us up to go once more, cautiously optimistic that C might get a little more out of it. While the temperature was warmer, the wind was stronger and snow was falling quickly, melting, leaving us feeling damp. C struggled to be able to see through her scarf and toque while being carried on my back, but was unable to see enough facing into me on my front. The fresh snow made it even harder for her to walk.

We barely made it 45 minutes, and it was a fussy 45 at that. We were all much happier when we were back in the car. C fell asleep the minute we started driving home, while Scott and I talked about having soup for lunch to warm us up.

While it would have been nicer to have seen C enjoy herself, to have better weather, to have stayed a while longer, there is no point in deal with things we can’t change. These moments set the stage for future moments.

Linking up with Shaunacey from Confessions of a Frumpy Mom for Monday Moments of Gratitude.


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One thought on “These Little Moments #6

  1. I LOVE your post this week. You’re right, we can only hope for great moments that happen naturally so much, for the most part, we need to MAKE them happen.
    I also love, that despite the fact things didn’t go perfectly, you were still able to think about positively and have hope for years to go! Loving the positivity here!
    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

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