A Day in the Life: Working Edition

A few weeks ago, my TimeHop app reminded me of the last “A Day In The Life” that I did when I was still home on mat leave with Miss C. Not too long after, Shaunacey did a day in her life. I figured that life has changed a fair amount since then, so why not give it another go?

A Day in the Life Work Edition.jpg

6:00 — Alarm goes off, and by 6:12, I’m dressed and ready to head downstairs for some calisthenics.

6:45 — Workout complete! Time for a smoothie and a shower.

7:27 — Out the door and off to the bus. The commute is anywhere from 25 – 60 minutes depending on weather / traffic patterns

8:30 — Time for work. It’s cold in the office, so some days, I wear a sweater as a blanket, and leave my winter boots on, at least until my tea warms me up.

12:00 — Lunch is the best part of my day, especially when it has ham in it. I used to do lunchtime workouts, but I’ve been hesitant to double up when the morning workout has been T25.

1:00 — Back to work Time to do the double sweater and winter scarf to keep the chill off. Say, where’d I put the tea?

4:30 — And now we wait for the bus again. On a good day, it shows up within 2 minutes of me getting to the stop. On a bad day, it’s an hour.

6:00 — I’m home, I’ve hugged my kid, and eaten whatever supper I have planned and Scott has made. Tonight, it was the ever classic sloppy joe.

6:15 — Time for dishes, during C’s neediest time. Some days she wants to play and some days she just wants to be in all the action. (Where’s her shirt? Oh ya, SLOPPY joes are aptly named when it comes to toddlers!)

8:00 — C is in bed, and while there is still a mess in the house, the 6 am wake up (especially since C tends to wake up around 5 and needs help settling back to sleep, and my brain says there’s no point in me going back to sleep) has caught up with me. I’m not moving from this couch until that glass of wine is done.

9:30 — Who can resist taking a peak at this cute little bum when you walk past her room?

9:54 — in bed, time for sleep. A little later than I hoped, but still early enough to hope for 8 hours of continuous sleep (…someday…).

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2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Working Edition

  1. Much of your day is similar to mine – but I don’t do the workouts (I really should). I’m up at 6 and in bed by 10 too though. Oh that mom life, am I right?

  2. This is so fun to read! I did a day in the life post when I was still on leave too and have been thinking lately that it might be fun to do again now that life looks so different than it did then. My son is still not sleeping all the way through the night yet either (ugh) so I hear you on the wake up call and just staying up after a certain point. 🙂

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