Currently: In March

Can you believe we’re at March already? I know we still have another deep freeze or two, and a couple snowstorms certain to arise, but it feels like spring is in reach. I usually struggle through Winter, but this year, everything seemed doable.

Currently March
: For a fast forward button. While I am excited it’s already March, I’m ready for trips to the park, playing in the backyard and venturing out without 12 layers on.

Craving: Soup. A coworker just spent 10 minutes discussing different types of soup that she has in her freezer right now, and while I’m usually not a lentil person, lemon curry carrot lentil seems really good on this winter’s day!

Going: Crazy? I’ve been a planner, but lately, I’ve had to let my compulsive planning ways take a backseat to let Scott have sometime to take the lead for a little bit. While we’re ultimately making decision together, and it’s good to keep my control-freak-ways in check, it’s not a dynamic I’m used to.

Wearing:  Fleece lined tights.  With everything.  I’ve stuck them under jeans for walks outside. I’ve worn them as pants with tunics (butt-covering, of course). I’ve worn them as tights under dresses. And the best part is the waistband. I love a good non-segmenting waistband. Seriously, regular tights, get with the program!

Learning: Marine safety. Or at least I will when I find the textbook again. With spring around the corner, summer isn’t that far away and I’ve given myself a July 1st deadline for getting my boating license. I started it about half a year ago, but C wandered off with the book and I haven’t found it since (nor have I really looked in some of the deeper, darker recesses of our under-the-couch storage because who wants to think about boats in the middle of winter?).

Thanks again to Jenna and Anne!

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6 thoughts on “Currently: In March

  1. I just got some fleece lined leggings this year and they changed my life. So warm and comfy! I am with you on a fast forward button,but I’m also wishing for more hours in a day, I just can’t get on top of my to do lists!!

  2. Have I tried converting you to Wade and Belle tights yet? They’re regular tights but have a yoga pant type waistband and they are sooooo comfy! You can find them online. They only have black right now but they’re hoping to add colours in the fall!

  3. Totally going to look into that for spring. might be more comfortable than sweating for months 🙂

  4. I LOVE fleece lined tights! Yay! And yeah it’s too warm now for those here 🙂 and I also read that comment above about Wade and Belle tights and I might try those out soon!

  5. Yes, fast forward to warm weather, please! I try not to wish time to fly by faster than it already does, but ohhh I’m ready to not be cold. Thanks for linking up again!

  6. I loved your “going” pick because I SO understand that. My husband and I have completely different ways of doing things–I’m a planner and he’s much more spontaneous. It’s so hard to let go of that side of me. Also, I need to get some fleece lined tights, I can’t believe I still haven’t!

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