These Little Moments #9

C has been a daddy’s girl her whole life. Fortunately, Scott’s been a very involved daddy, so with the exception of 5 minutes after he leaves, and 5 minutes before he comes home, there is very little opportunity for C to search the house longingly for him. The only downfall is that her love for her daddy often comes at the expense of her mommy.


Miss C was somewhat uncharacteristic this weekend.

Saturday morning, she couldn’t get enough of her mama. She sulked when Scott got up with her to let me sleep. She ran over to me with an armful of books when I got up. When she needed some extra snuggles as she worked on cutting a tooth, she called to me. After an all-too-short nap, she sat calmly on my lap as I rocked and sang to her.

I wouldn’t, for the world, want to alter C’s relationship with Scott, because nothing brings me more joy than seeing the two of them together. But those days when she walks past Scott to come directly to me? Ya, those are a really close second.

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4 thoughts on “These Little Moments #9

  1. wow she sounds JUST like Annabelle!! I swear since that girl came home she’s been attached to her dad. They have the best relationship but there have been a few times where it kinda broke my heart that she preferred him over me. BUT then there are those few times where she wants momma! I’ve learned now to just treasure those moments but also, like you, be so happy and proud of what a fantastic relationship they have.
    Plus, Oliver seems to be kind of a momma’s boy 🙂 that helps.
    Simply Shaunacey

  2. It’s so sweet that she loves her daddy so much, but I am sure you cherish those moments she chooses you. It’s kind of the opposite in our house. Ollie’s a mommy’s boy, I feel bad for Nate sometimes because he often chooses me over him, but the moments he does want daddy make my heart melt too.

  3. Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

    Stopping by from Shaunacey’s link up…we call that “flying the flag” as in…”your flag is flying today!” … when you are the preferred person. My flag was flying with my niece a few nights ago and I was sooo happy! Usually it’s my mom that Olivia hangs on but that night it was all me!
    Making the Most of Every Day

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