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Making: backyard plans. How do you make a backyard with a giant play structure seem less… “OMG THE KIDS HAVE TAKEN OVER!”

Wishlisting: items for decorating C’s room. We’re getting dangerously close to “big girl bed” territory, and if she needs a new bed, she needs new bedding. If she needs new bedding, she needs new decor, right?

Cleaning: Books. Off the floor. Of every floor. In every room. I love that my kid loves books, but I know for a fact that when she’s picking George R. R. Martin off the shelf, she’s not reading it. She just like the satisfying thunk it makes on the ground

Posting: Very little. It’s been exhausting around these parts lately. Between funerals, family gatherings, new work contracts and new work projects, we’ve been feeling pretty stressed so I’ve just decided it’s time to take a bow out for a bit until I can figure out what gets done when.

Tasting: Miss Vickie’s Salt & Vinegar chips.

Currently- In APril

Thank you to Anne and Jenna for this link up!

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