Currently: In May

Thank you Anne & Jenna for this month’s Currently! After a brief blogging recess, it feels weird to be back TWICE in one week! Thank goodness for link-ups! This month we are:

Currently In May.jpg

Celebrating: Oh ya, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you wouldn’t have caught the announcement (if you can count a picture of a pill bottle with the telltale branded image of Diclectin in it), Baby #2 is about 7 months away. And after two months of constant nausea, mind-numbing exhaustion and a terrible weekend of alternating insomnia and somnolence with large dash of dizziness and a sprinkling of skin crawling (Diclectin was not my friend), I’m starting to feel human again.

Reading: Reading puts me to sleep, so I’m not reading for me these days. I’ve been sticking with the same 7 books with C: 6 of the Curious George Around Town boxed set, and her current favourite of the Mini Myths collection: Please Share, Aphrodite. She “reads” the whole thing along with me.

Pondering: How much longer my daughter is going to nap. Usually, I’m all for a Sunday afternoon nap myself, but it’s warm out, and I just want to get going on our plans to play outside.

Sipping: Juice! Water makes me nauseous, but I get terrible leg cramps if I don’t drink enough liquids, so I’ve been indulging my inner toddler and sipping on what my husband is now referring to “Gin mix” since we have a juice-obsessed toddler actually living in the house.

Going: for a walk! She’s up!


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3 thoughts on “Currently: In May

  1. Haha! I was wondering when you were going to make your news a little more public! 🙂 I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. Is C still doing a morning and afternoon nap or just afternoon? I kind of never want Ollie to stop napping, lol. But I agree, I want to be out in the nice warm weather too!

    • Oh man she went from 3 to 1, right around her first birthday. It was also when her naps finally started being more than an hour but that kid seems to thrive off no sleep.

  2. Congrats! But I hope you’re feeling much better soon… I’m sure feeling miserable is even harder when you have another little one to chase around. And hope you had a fun walk 🙂

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