These Little Moments #13

Usually discussions of having your first kid proceed actually having your first kid. “I want a baby” usually crops up months/years before it becomes a reality because you create a list of expectations. You want a steady career. You want a house. You want a reliable car. Once those are in place, the stars align and you are finally READY.

Yes, there is are multiple levels of apprehension during the whole process up until the birth but often is starts with a moment of certainty.

But baby number 2? There’s less pressure to have this bucket list of ways to get your life in order first. Either your life already is in order or you’ve accepted that your life will never be in order again so no need to put additional pressure on yourself. There’s a lot of questioning “are we ready? Is our first born ready?” Fewer stars feel like they’ve aligned and so you just leap and hope you really are ready when the baby comes.

I think that’s the real reason pregnancy is 9 months.

The minute you pee on that stick, your first born magically gets younger. She becomes more precious and needs 5 times your attention than she did mere minutes before. You can’t imagine your precious baby having to give up her crib? Her high chair? Her spot as the centre of my life?

But slowly she grows back to the age you remember her being. Slowly she grows into the age she really is. And slowly, you begin to realize that your little baby isn’t a little baby any more. You look in the door to her room on your way to bed one night, and lying in her crib with her soother, blanket and teddy bear — all manifestations of her babyhood — stuffed in the far corner of her crib. There is your big kid.

And in that moment you know you’re ready for the next baby.
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6 thoughts on “These Little Moments #13

  1. shaunaceyb

    having a second is such a weird and crazy thing. C will seem so little until the baby is born and then it’s like they transform overnight. They meet their sibling for the first time and it’s like you have a baby and this big kid that you almost dont recognize. Oh geez the feels. It’s amazing and wonderful and I can’t wait to read about it as it all unfolds for you!

    Simply Shaunacey

  2. Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

    And then there’s #3… 🙂
    Making the Most of Every Day

  3. I can only imagine. I feel the feels seeing my little guy become a kid and as you know, there will likely not be another, so it’s definitely bittersweet!

  4. I’m totally with you here. I was in total planning mode when I found out I was pregnant with Jona, but this time I keep thinking I have time (when I know it will go so fast!). And yes, I’m having a hard time thinking that my first baby won’t be my baby much longer… I’m not ready for him to be such a big kid! 🙂

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