Welcome back me!

All week I’ve been eyeing the cardigan looks popping up through a link up thinking “why can’t I look pulled together?” And really why can’t I? 

I’ve struggled with this body pretty much since I found out I was pregnant. At my last doctor’s appointment a nurse commented “are you sure you’re only 9 weeks? You look much bigger!”  At 11 weeks a coworker sneered: “those pants won’t fit you much longer”. Even though I went public early to avoid people scrutinizing my belly (and the fact my face remained a sickly green for weeks at a time), I forgot announcing a pregnancy is an open invitation to scrutiny. I lived in jeans and a grey oversized chunky knit cardigan for weeks, trying to hide. Not overly professional and not overly me. 

So this week I’m trying. I’m still skewing more casual and comfortable than I would like to. But I’ve decided if people are going to talk, I might as well give them something to talk about. 

Welcome back colour. Welcome back Cara. I’ve missed you. 

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One thought on “Welcome back me!

  1. People are so rude! No one should comment on your body pregnant or not pregnant, seriously! I love this colorful look on you and I think you look great!

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