These Little Moments #14

I don’t talk about my job a lot. Some of it is for my privacy. Some of it is for the privacy of those I work with. But sometimes, when you spend 35 hours at work, your best part of the week happens there (shhhh don’t tell my daughter. As far as she is concerned, she’s my whole world).

June through September is crunch time at work, all the more complicated by trying to squeeze in vacation as well. And knowing that I have to not only navigate a few new software systems at work but I also have to update my procedure manual to reflect the new programs is weighing heavily on my mind. So remembering that I have a few tasks I’ve been ignoring for so long I’d forgotten them did not make me happy. Not being one to leave things untied, I knew I had to knock these things off the to-do list before summer speeds away and before I knew it, I’d be off on Mat leave. Again.

So I developed a plan. If mornings are rough as it is, it’s not going to make them any worse by dedicating an hour a day to the forgotten but necessary to complete tasks. Besides, I figured it would only take 2 weeks.

And two days later, at an hour a day, they were done.

It turns out that the more you procrastinate things, the bigger your brain makes it. But accomplishing that gargantuan task in much less time than expected?

It makes you feel better than you thought, too!

Linking up with Simply Shaunacey for Monday Moments of Gratitude


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2 thoughts on “These Little Moments #14

  1. It does feel good when you accomplish something huge, I can relate to that! And I think it’s ok for something to feel good at work and not necessarily related to the kiddos sometimes! 🙂

  2. shaunaceyb

    I am the procrastination QUEEN but how great does it feel when you get stuff done?! This is a good reminder for me to just start getting a few things done, even little things.
    I laughed at the comment about C, I promise I won’t tell 🙂

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