First Trimester Second Time Around

So here’s the problem with being pregnant with your second child: you already have a child. You know the kid will start off looking like a creepy bug, and at some point, it will become human. You still sign up for the BabyCentre Weekly pregnancy emails, but mostly so they remind you where you’re at so you know whether that is movement you’re feeling, or whether that bag of Sour Cherry Blasters just isn’t sitting right.

But it also makes you hyper-aware of how profound this whole pregnancy deal is. I mean, you watch your child walk and talk, play with toys and share opinions and suddenly that “creepy bug” in your uterus starts to seem a whole lot more human.

The first time around, I documented everything weekly, with the same set of questions, and the posed picture. I have neither the time nor desire to do that on a weekly basis. But lest this child develops a classic case of “Second Child Syndrome,” even before making it air-side, I figure I have to document at least parts of this pregnancy. And so without much further ado, and a good 5-6 weeks late, here’s to the first trimester:

The Good: Yay! Scott was home when I took the test this time. With C, I ended up texting him at work, since I decided to test before popping cold medicine (and good thing too!), but this time, as that was the day after finding out that my friend’s battle with cancer was going to end soon, we didn’t do much celebrating. But really, how do you celebrate anyway? Also yay for actually texting Scott and NOT my sister after confirming the results at the doctor and setting up the upcoming prenatal care appointments.

The Bad: The morning sickness in a close-quarters office. I couldn’t sip a ginger ale, nibble a cracker or suck a mint without someone seeing / hearing / smelling it first. Thank goodness for the fact that the two people closest to me are in term positions and so wouldn’t recognize my behaviour from last time. It was near constant from about week 6 through week 11, and worse at night. Certain foods and drinks would help ease it, but those were only reliable for a few days at a time before they came causes for nausea. At least the nausea has mostly subsided, but many of the aversion still linger (and I collect a few new ones occasionally as well).

The Ugly: The exhaustion. This one doesn’t stop. At first, the anxiety kept me up at night. Then, the nausea. Now, it doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, I wake up at 5:40, and even if I went to be at 8, I’m still exhausted. On weekends I can nap, but did you know weekends are only 2 days?  The real loser on this one is Scott. Yes, I can be a little short with Charlotte, but she also gets to abuse my exhaustion for extra books, extra TV and extra snuggles.  Scott has been picking up all the slack (which gets to be even more when I do things like tell my sister to use our house as needed when there are showings at theirs, and inviting people over for meals that I don’t intend on cooking for).


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One thought on “First Trimester Second Time Around

  1. So many of those things that we’re programmed to forget from the first time around! I know I’m not going down that road again, but I’m pretty sure if I did, it would almost be like the first time again because I honestly can’t remember much of it anymore. Here’s hoping your second trimester is more pleasant!

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