Currently: In July

Insert a cursory comment about the passage of time being fast, and summer being too short. There is no time for creativity and wit!

Toasting: five years of marriage to the same guy. There have been days where he’s been my best friend. There have been days where he’s been my roommate.  There have been days where he has been my teammate. But every day he has been my husband and that will never change.

Going: everywhere, it seems like! We spent last weekend away at my in-laws’ cabin. This coming weekend, we had an out-of-town wedding.  Two weekends after that, we’re day-tripping to a family gathering, with a gathering on the other side happening the following weekend (not out of town, but clear across the city). And then we start our vacation (which is thus-far unplanned, but may just turn into us hiding in the basement watching the olympics)

Smelling: rain. We’ve had pretty decent weather for the most part this summer, with most rain happening in the evening or overnight. Great for during the day, but not so great when your only time to mow the lawn is the evening!

Wearing: blasted maternity clothes. While I do love my new maternity skinnies more than anything else right now, I can’t stand belly panels and I’m so tired of constantly pulling up the few things I have that go under the bump.

Wishlisting: the few things we need for second baby. Nothing exciting since I’m fully in “we have too much crap!” mode, but things like new soothers, and more burp cloths. Admit it, my life is glamorous.

A big thank you for another month of Currently to our hosts, Anne and Jenna!

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3 thoughts on “Currently: In July

  1. Yay for five years of marriage! Happy anniversary! And I bet you would like Lularoe for maternity wear, no joke, it’s stretchy and comfy and I wish I could send you some. We have been having a lot of rain too. It can stop anytime. My lawn is overgrown!

  2. That’s a great thing to be toasting! Happy anniversary. And it sounds like you might be at the dresses only part of pregnancy 🙂 I remember when my belly got so big it started repelling waistbands, and it was quite a pain!

  3. Happy anniversary to you too Cara!! I love what you said about maternity clothes–that’s about how I feel too. I like the support of the waistband, but it does drive me crazy by the end of the day. Gah!! And it’s sad that I’ve barely started thinking about what we need for baby #2 yet… need to get on that, time is going fast!

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