Currently: In August

Every morning I wake up thinking it’s the second week in August (wishful thinking, as that’s the week we’re on vacation) and so I keep forgetting to do this month’s currently!

Exploring:  our city and surrounding area. Between stuff we have to do around the house and birthday parties galore, we haven’t had time to do the usual things in the city that we would try to get to on weekends. And since I am very attached to sleeping in my bed at night (whenever I can actually sleep), we decided the terribly termed “staycation” is where it’s at this year. We’ll kick it off with watching the Olympic opening ceremonies, trespass into my sister’s new backyard for a dip in the pool, and then head to our nearest provincial park for a day at the beach. A trip to the zoo is a must, and the Children’s Museum as well, but we’re more than willing to wake up and decide what we feel like doing. We’re ending the week with a camping trip with my family up at our nearest national park.

Creating: a new bedroom for C in a hurry. We were ready for a slow transition from have nursery to her “big sister room” but she decided one day it was time to make the move, so we borrowed some sheets, tacked some fabric over the window and sprinted to Ikea to buy everything else we needed to make the room usable. Next step: make the room pretty!

Hearting: Naps. We’ve agreed to not insist on naps for C on our week off since toddler naps are notoriously long and ill-timed but she will nap on days I want to nap. Usually I nap on the couch so I hear when she wakes up on weekends to not lose out on any time with her, but I’m planning a few bedroom naps so Scott can be in charge of getting her and letting me get all the sleep I need.

Watching: Friends but boy am I glad that I’m in the later seasons. Those early ones really show how far we’ve come in the last 22 years. Those early episodes are cringe inducing at time with their homophobic comedic stylings.

Eating: everything salty and sweet. Together. Salted butter and homemade jam on toast, especially. Take that, Old Wive’s Tales.

Thank you Anne, as always, and thank you Dana, our guest-host for this month! (AHA! That’s why I’ve had Dana’s blog bookmarked for the last month! I’ve been enjoying reading along over the last few weeks but couldn’t remember where I had come across her blog!). Ooh! And next month Beth is guest hosting!


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3 thoughts on “Currently: In August

  1. I heart naps too and I’m not even pregnant, lol. And yes to the Friends episodes being soooooo out dated, so many jokes would not fly now at all!

  2. Fun – I love a good staycation! And a good salty-sweet combo…loving this idea of salted butter + jam. Mmmm.

  3. Oh yum, I always love a good salty-sweet combo! I also love exploring my town–I hope you enjoy your time off exploring with your family!

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