Toddler Bed Transition: To the Big Girl Bed & Room

Less than 36 hours after a mattress arrived into the newly emptied “Reading Room,” I came home from work to a weird dynamic happening in my kitchen. A concerned Scott was staring, somewhat disbelievingly, at my determined toddler.

“It seems,” Scott started, “C has decided she’s moving into her big sister room. Tonight. She is not willing to negotiate”.

So she slept in her big girl room in her big girl bed, only waking up the first night, in the middle of the night, a little confused about where she was. There are still growing pains – I’ve bought the curtains, but haven’t hung them. We’re still hunting down a bookshelf. And pregnant mama is trying to decide whether she’s more comfortable trying to squeeze a belly and a toddler onto her lap in a cheap Ikea chair, or pull herself off the mattress on the ground in order to read bedtime stories.

Oh, and we were still having bedtime troubles with a kid who insisted on being watched by a parents as she fell asleep.

So we took a page from her book. We decided she was going to fall asleep on her own. And we were not willing to negotiate. We knew she could do it — it’d been a good part of a year where she would put herself to sleep. We also knew she wasn’t pulling that stunt at Nana & Grandpa daycare (even though she could probably convince them to snuggle her to sleep if she really wanted). And we knew that a little bit of crying, or more accurately, whining, wouldn’t hurt. After all, she was crying and whining for more stories and more lullabies when we were sitting in the room with her, too.

And after about 6 minutes (less than when she’s getting attention), she was asleep. And less than a week later, the stress of figuring out how to make the transition and how to get her to get back into the habit of falling asleep on her own are just a vague memory.

Now if only her latest determined decision — potty training — will go that easy!

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2 thoughts on “Toddler Bed Transition: To the Big Girl Bed & Room

  1. Congrats to the big girl! And to the mama 🙂

  2. It is kind of nice when the kiddos decide they’re going to do something for themselves – good for you using her tactic on her! I’m glad it’s working! And good luck on potty training, we’re having some slow success so far, but I’ll take what I can get!

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