Currently: In September

All right my friends, we are in September. This is the month that has signified the start of a new year for the last 27 years of my life and while there are no big changes happening this September (no starting at a new school, no new baby, “first day back at work” or “first day of daycare”), I’m still feeling the itch to buy the whole family new shoes, new jeans and new backpacks.

Thank you to Anne and Beth for hosting this month!!

Currently September.jpegReading: too many mommy blogs telling me that my doctor, and every doctor in the world, is only interested in giving me drugs, slicing me open and then heading out to the golf course. It triggers my rage button because that is the exact opposite experience than I had. And almost everyone else I know. I mean, they laughed when I was like: “Just cut the baby out of me! Do it now!” And then when the anesthesiologist was in the room prepping my epidural, the nurses were still like: “But are you really sure you need it?” And you know, I didn’t really think to ask the doctor as she was delivering my baby what she would rather be doing, and she didn’t really seem too distracted either. Someone should very likely take away my internets because the rage doesn’t seem to stop me from reading every click-bait titled blog post on Pinterest (today’s gem? Doctors may not know how to prevent pre-eclampsia, IUGR, or gestational diabetes, but one writer knows it can be prevented by drinking probiotic smoothies, and we should trust her because she links to scholarly journal abstracts that suggest there *may* be a slight correlation, but stop WAY short of saying there is a causation).

Trying: to summon all my energy. Rainy days and a stomach bug running through the family are really killing my energy levels. Sure, long weekends are supposed to be somewhat relaxing, but there is just so much to do to just get this house back to “liveable” state. Everyone is so much happier when the house is clean, and yet no one is happy when they’re cleaning.

Hoping: To get back into good sleep patterns. We are in the thick of it at work, and will be for the next two weeks. I’ve spent nights awake panicking about emails that I shouldn’t have read before bed. I’ve spent nights awake panicking about the sleep I’m not getting. I’ve spent nights awake panicking that I’m panicking about work and not this next baby. I think once I can get rested again, then I can go back to processing this whole having a kid thing, and all those things that I currently have no emotional reaction to.

Decorating: C’s bedroom and C’s birthday. Having people coming over is good to make sure I get projects tied up. Of course, it means I’m spending far too much time on pinterest (which likely explains that first answer, eh?). We finally have all the furniture for C’s room, and I’ve decided on the art for her room. Yes, it would be nice to have her closet painted (I didn’t paint it when I painted the room two years ago because I was pregnant and feared the fumes / running into walls, and we wouldn’t need the room until we had another kid which would be “years away”), and the closet door, but those will get done when they get done.

To-Do Listing: Have you even noticed that the minute you get one thing checked off your to-do list, it makes you think about all the other things that need to be done. We are *almost* done our patio project, and so now I’m looking very critically at our backyard. New sandbox. Pull up the bad mulch and railroad ties along the garage and put in sod. Then figure out how to make the garage look less of a giant stucco covered eyesore. Oh, and someday redo the driveway. And the garage. Yes, those were all vaguely on our horizon for sometime in the distant future, but now having something sparkly and new makes them seem twice as dingy and old.

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5 thoughts on “Currently: In September

  1. Step away from the mommy articles. Do it. Do it NOW. Do you hear me? Ok. And I’m sending you all the energy I can – I have the same rainy day issues here, but no bugs or pregnancy to deal with, so I have some energy to spare, I’m giving as much of it as I can to you! Hang in there!

    • I’ve switched over to reading an actual book (and by “actual” I guess I mean “something I could have physically purchased, but borrow an e-copy from the library) which is curbing my obsessive bait-clicking habit. I still don’t agree with much of what I’m reading, but I’m less ragey!

  2. Yep, I hear you on so many of these things. I swear having people over is the only way my house gets clean. And yes on the multiplying to-do list too. I’m also trying (and failing) to summon energy, and we don’t even have a stomach bug to deal with right now! I hope you and your family feel better soon 🙂

  3. We had friends stay the night with us last Sunday night and it’s the only thing that got my house in order! 😉 Hoping the work load lightens up for you soon…I feel like the level of rest can make all the difference in how a day (or lets be real, a week) can go!

  4. I should have some people over… that really does get the projects done 🙂 Totally understand that to-do list domino effect too!

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