Currently: In October

Oh wow, we’re officially in fall now. Usually I’m anticipating the pumpkin spice latté’s return for weeks before it arrives, and I savour every sip of that first one. But this year? I saw it, had to order it, and went: “Hmm… shoulda gone for a frappucino”.  Fall, you came out of nowhere and I’m not ready for you yet. I am ready for another month’s Currently, brought to us this month by Anne, of In Residence, and Jacqui of the awesomely named Drink the Day!

In October.jpg

Cheers-ing : making it through September. It’s the busiest month at work. We’re still adjusting to our new office space meaning that we had to play a lot of the impending chaos by ear. Plus, we were short one staff member, our boss announced her retirement AND that was all right around the time those pregnancy hormones decided to start messing with my dreams, leading to a lot of disjointed sleep. But I made it through, I maintained my sanity, and I didn’t have a single person cry at my desk (you know, other than me, and that was mostly from heartburn :P).

Organizing : Oh my goodness, everything. I just hung up three message boards in our kitchen to help corral all of our to-do lists, calendars and papers. Scott is currently in the basement organizing his half of what used to be just his office, and so I can move my stuff in, which has been in boxes since C took over my office as her “big girl room”. We’re going to have to sit down and re-jig our budget with some shifts in priority because *surprise* a small-ish summer landscaping project has snowballed into trenching our backyard to re-wire our garage and oh, while you’re here, Mr. Electrician, can you check out that light in the basement that doesn’t always work because, oh, apparently it and the other lights are so old and outdated they are actually carcinogenic? My father-in-law laughs when I set my budget for a project and then add another 50% because I know this is how this house works.

Dreaming: That the baby is breach and I go into labour at work and our Records Management specialist delivers my baby but walks away when she realizes it’s coming butt first. That I have to drive a train without lights on because someone is trying to kill me to steal my baby. That when I go into labour, I don’t actually deliver a baby as much as I deliver a giant dried up mass of Play-Doh. Oh wait, you mean dreaming in the figurative sense?

Buying: New lights for the basement. 40 feet of wire for the backyard. Maybe a lottery ticket? Fortunately, Scott and I had just talked before repairs started cropping up about reigning in our spending since we’d been getting too comfortable with what started as $10 here, and $20 there, that had turned into $40 here and $50 there. We’ve been living within our means, but we also know that a second kid will bring extra expenses, and that of the 13 1/2 months of mat leave I’ve managed to convince my employer to let me take this time around, only some of it is at full pay, some of it is at roughly half pay, and some of it is at no pay.  I’m grateful to be getting as much time and pay as I am, but I know we’ll have to tighten our belt a notch or two to make it work. Nothing like a huge repair bill to help get you used to living on less!

Listening: So guilty pleasure alert… I listen to Apple Music’s Kids & Family radio station with Charlotte when we’re at home. And sometimes it keeps playing when she goes down for a nap. And you know, sometimes, when I’m at work, and I need something to get my toe tapping and head bobbing to stay awake, it’s my first choice as well. Some of it is current(-ish) pop music (I can’t help but to shimmy to Pharrell’s “Happy). Some of it is old mo-town favourites (Jackson 5’s ABC). And some of it is just insane (have you heard that stations version of Joy to the World? What kind of bullfrog loves to drink his milk??? I mean, he always had some mighty fine milk).


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4 thoughts on “Currently: In October

  1. I need to check out that radio station because if I hear the Wheels on the Bus one more time I think I’m going to go pop that bus’s tires. And your dream made me laugh out loud. I hope you get some better sleep soon though!

    • Every few nights, I get so exhausted that I sleep through dreams and last night was one of those nights! Plus, I did that thing that smart people do and took a sick today at the start of a cold, rather than waiting for my body to completely shut down, so I’ll get a nap or two in today, too!

  2. Oh man, those pregnancy dreams. Crazy. And good to know on the kids & family music channel…I can only listen to Wheels on the Bus so many times and am looking for something new we’ll BOTH enjoy 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness I was laughing so hard at your dreams–especially the one where your coworker tried to deliver your baby. Too funny! I haven’t had any weird ones so far this time, but I remember last time I dreamed that my DAD delivered Jona… now that was weird. That is AWESOME that you’ll have that much maternity leave. You guys will make it work financially I’m sure and it will be so worth it.

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