A gift for me

I set out an edict this holiday weekend that anyone that wanted a present from us had to have their Christmas lists in by October 31st or they were getting dirty newborn diapers. And to make sure I put my money where my mouth was, I set to work creating my Christmas list.

But seriously, I’m facing 13 1/2 months of hard time in the big house (also known as “overly generous maternity leave”). If this kid is anything like C, I will spend the first 6-7 months feeding the kid on the couch. Feeding the kid in the nursery. Feeding the kid in my bed because the kid will refuse all bottles. And the worst part is that I likely can’t get away with marathoning showing I want to watch on Netflix. “Me Time” is essentially going to be non-existent for those first few months. And those first few months encompass both Christmas AND my birthday.

Needing some ideas that wouldn’t sit unused for months, making me resentful for the fact I’m tied to a child 23 hours a day, I went on Pinterest to look for Christmas or birthday gift ideas for new moms. Let’s just say the results were NOTHING even close to what I would give specifically to a new mom, herself. There were some great “new baby” ideas, and some great: “shower gift” ideas, but when the first 45 items of a 145 item list titled: “Gift ideas for the new mom she will actually use and appreciate” were “favourite children’s books” followed by about 50 different soother and soother related paraphernalia, you know this list is not about her.

So I spent the weekend thinking it over, and came up with some ideas of how to regain little bits of who I am in a time when things don’t get to be all about me:

  •  Kobo books so you never run out of something to read during those endless 3 am feeds
  • 3 am feedings are much easier with subdued lighting, so why not get new bedroom lamps that you’ll want to look at through bleery eyes?
  • Skip The Dishes gift cards for when you’ve got a terrible nursing craving ( I found those worse than pregnancy cravings!) and you’ve finally got one or more of the kids asleep.
  • A go to outfit that fits NOW, flatters and is still possible to nurse in (if necessary) for doctor’s appointments, baby’s first trip to work
  • Chewelry because, let’s face it, sometimes your momiform needs an accessory that won’t cut into your skin if pulled, that won’t make you paranoid that someone is going to choke on, and it might as well be designed to be chewed since you know that’s going to happen.

Any great ideas for me to add for my list?

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