Third Trimester

We’re getting near to full term here and so in case I unexpectedly pop a baby out early, probably best to immortalize what has been the weirdest Trimester.

The good: I know my limits. By third trimester I know not to run for the bus. I know I can walk on my lunch break or do something in the evening. I’m never sure whether I get my burst of energy most women get in their second trimester during my third or whether I’m just better at knowing how much energy I have.

The bad: we got struck with a family cold. C was the best about it, with the exception of one night when she struggled to figure out how to sleep with a stuffy nose. Scott was hesitant to fully drug up to get a good night’s sleep since I couldn’t take anything. And I panicked that all my immobility would doom me to an eternally transverse baby, but sitting up made me dizzy and standing made me feel weak. Almost two weeks later, I’m still stuffed up a bit.

The ugly: hey, did you know full body itching ISN’T a normal pregnancy thing? My whole “but I remember being this itchy with C” excuse doesn’t mean it’s ok now and it turns out that it may not have been ok then. Currently awaiting test results to find out if I’ve got intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, and if so, what that means for reaching that due date. So far baby seems to be doing all right (it’s most dangerous for the baby) but I’m losing my marbles between the actual itching, the psychosomatic itching, the itching from the stress of it all, and of course, being allergic to the bandaids that they used to do the bloodwork. I keep reminding myself to look at the big picture. I can still go about my regular activities with little interruption. I’ve had a friend with severe SPD during a large part of her pregnancy. I’ve had another friend diagnosed with a painful cancerous tumour during her pregnancy. What right do I have to complain about being itchy? Much easier to convince myself during daylight hours where activities can distract me and regular ingestion of food or beverage allows me to monitor fetal movement without much worry. But at night? Holy beans I want to burn my skin off, and then just check myself in the hospital to get this baby out of me. Fortunately, I trust my doctor 100% to make the right calls here. Even better, my doula who has worked all kinds of births with all kinds of doctors here in the city trusts him implicitly too. Now if only lying awake at night didn’t always lead to reading up on ICP and exactly how dangerous it can be when left untreated.

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One thought on “Third Trimester

  1. Well it’s a good thing you posted this because now you’ve got a new baby! I can’t wait to hear more about her and I hope delivery was less traumatic than C’s. Thinking of you all! Enjoy those snuggles!

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