Currently: In December

I am not going to complain that time is moving quickly. I’m all for time moving quickly right now. I love Christmas, but I hate winter/Christmas shopping/shovelling snow. I love the newborn cuddles, but I hate the lack of sleep/schedule/normalcy.  And so I very much welcome this month’s Currently, especially since it’s already a full week through this month! Thanks to Anne and Kellie for hosting!

Doing: Christmas traditions with C. Advent calendars. Letters to Santa. Hopefully even a gingerbread house, or at least some gingerbread people.

Enjoying: Christmas music. Usually, I’m the first in the family to start it up (12:00 on Nov. 11 was our family rule growing up), but without any snow, I wasn’t feeling. We still don’t have a lot of snow, but at least some makes me feel a little more festive. I’ve been streaming Sarah McLachlan’s Christmas playlist on Apple Music.

Cooking: As little as possible. With M’s early arrival, I didn’t get a weekend to make up a bunch of meals to freeze. Then I was feeling so well in the first few weeks, anytime someone would bring me food, I’d not only throw it in the freezer, but I’d also double whatever I was planning on making for supper to throw in the freezer as well. This is the week we’re going to start going to town on that stash! M starts her club feet treatment today, and while I’m optimistic we’ll all take it in stride, I’m doing whatever I can to make sure things at home go as smoothly as possible.

Wrapping: uh… presents? I feel terribly un-creative with this answer. But my rule for wrapping is that everything gets colour coded. One colour for presents from Santa. Another for presents between our little family. One colour for presents going to my side of the family. Another colour for presents going to Scott’s side. We do Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas morning at our house, and then load up and drive 2 1/2 hours for Christmas with Scott’s family, so making sure we’ve packed the right presents for the right people is key.

Playing: Polar bear. I just crawl around after C and she thinks it’s hilarious. Hey, as long as she’s stopped telling me: “I don’t like you, Mama!” (she loves her sister, she loves her daddy, but me after we brought the baby home? Not so much), I’m not going to complain. My knees on the other hand…

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3 thoughts on “Currently: In December

  1. I think it’s something about this age – even without a new baby around Ollie’s been in the “I don’t like you” phase here and there. And look at you on the cooking! That’s awesome! I love Sarah McLachlan’s Christmas music!

  2. It’s nice to hear I’m not the only one getting the todddler “I’m not going to be nice to you, mom” statements lately… but at least they make up for it (a little) in making the Christmas traditions so fun, right? 🙂

  3. I love Sarah MacLachlan but haven’t even thought of starting a playlist form it! Good idea!

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