Book 9: A Little to Real to Laugh At

mmd-2016-reading-challenge-pageI like books that have some tongue in cheek humour, which is why I reached for Julian Barnes’ The Noise Of Time for the book published this year. Whether the current international diplomatic relations had affected Barnes or me, I’m not sure but reading about the suppression of artists (primarily musical) in the Soviet Union in a time where the Russian government is exceeding their bounds limited the humour in this book. It is quite an interesting read given that he presumes to channel the real world Russian composer Shostakovich, given little is noted about the composer in comparison to composers from other parts of the world from that time period.

Admittedly it’s been months since I started reading it and weeks since I finished so I don’t quite remember much about it, so i won’t go on much further except to say this: Barnes is a skilled writer, and it was a good read, even if it wasn’t what I was expecting to read.


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