Book 11: Oh, I haven’t read it!

mmd-2016-reading-challenge-page.pngRemember how I started this book challenge with picking up an Atwood book, to check off the “Book you own but have never read” only to discover that I had actually started but abandoned it? Turns out I don’t know a lot about my bookshelf, because I picked up Forms of Devotion by Diane Schoemperlan (also a Canadian author) only to realize I had never actually read it. Good thing I still had to check off that “Book you own but have never read”!

This book felt meandering and needlessly pretentious. Schoemperlan’s goal for this book was to play with the combination of word and image, using art of various media from the 17th-19th centuries either as inspiration for stories, or chosen to complement the stories. Perhaps its because I read everything at night while I’m up with Madeline, on an eReader, but even my print edition, the images seemed too small to really justify spending the time analyzing in the context of the story.

It’s not often I pan a female Canadian author, and it surprises me that even with two “hippy dippy trippy” birth books I read on this challenge, this book is right up there on the “ya, take a hard pass on this one” list.


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