Book 12: I made it!


I’ve got to sit down and have a good talk with my local librarian and find out why it took me two days to find a book that I had read in my collection that they had a eBook available for. Even something as common as the Scarlet Letter wasn’t in the digital collection. ANd so I ended up with The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence.

This book is so classically Canadian — there is a snow storm. There is a train ride. There is a return to the “wilderness”.  Oh, and it is rife with death. Fortunately, it’s a good read (cough cough… looking at you, Wacousta… though I don’t think that one has a train ride).It’s a rather depressing book when it comes down to it. However, it is a good read, and a fairly quick one(it took me two nights and a nap time to finish it).

I hadn’t read this book since grade 12 (you can read why we read it in Grade 12 in my review of I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings), and yet, reading through it was so familiar it was like I had just read it a few years ago and that is a sign of a good book. (And for anyone wanting to know, yes, that was about 14 years ago that I read it).



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