Currently In: January 2017

Thanks to Jessica and Anne for the first Currently for 2017! This month, I am…

gathering all the clothes that don’t work for me any more. I’m getting rid of all my maternity clothes, which was an easy decision, but I’m also using this “in between” time to go through all the clothes that I don’t fit back into, yet. I’m pulling out the dishevelled sweaters, the faded t-shirts and the out-of-style skirts. I know it will mean having to buy a bunch of new clothes once I get back to work, I’ve decided it’s been almost 10 years since my last major closet overhaul, so it’s probably time.

making art work for Charlotte’s room. Since she moved into her new room earlier than I wanted her to (little miss independent!), I lost momentum pulling it all together, since it became a battle to keep it clean! But we finally put up the decal I bought months ago (as part of a “if you stop kicking your wall…” negotiations), and that gave me the motivation I needed to put together some pictures for another wall. I didn’t so much “make” them, as buy some clipart from Etsy, and add some watercolour backgrounds before printing, but it’s about as talented as I get!

sipping so much Earl Grey tea. I got mad at my pantry and decided to throw out all the boxes of tea that had 3-4 tea bags left in them, from various tea fads I’ve weathered over the years. I love Earl Grey tea, so I’ve been sticking with it the longest, so it’s the only thing allowed to stay.

following absolutely nothing. No news for me. No new blogs. Very few people on Twitter. While I feel more “Me” at this point in the “new baby” phase than I did the first time around, I still feel rather purposeless and meandering (and now I finally understand what I meant by resolution last year, to “act” rather than “react”… wish I would have remembered it more through the year!). But it will come. Lots of nights up late nursing a baby will help me find a new little niche. Hmm… think I should take advantage of this link up to find new friends?

resolving to be healthy. I’m trying to find that balance between the voice in my head saying: “LOSE THE BABY WEIGHT” and voice in my mouth that is saying: “I LOVE CHOCOLATE AND SOFT DRINKS!” Considering my current weight is within the “healthy” range for my age/height, and the chocolate/soft drinks are more a symptom of the holidays, it’s probably best to walk the line between them. I’m hoping to drink 64 ounces of liquids (mostly milk and water) each day, fill half my plate with vegetables, and aim for 3 work outs per week (which feels like cheating since I’m counting mommy & me fitness, with Mad, and Mommy & Me swimming with C, so I really only have to motivate myself once a week). If that means losing the baby weight, or justifying a (giant) chocolate snack, so be it!

January 2017.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Currently In: January 2017

  1. Buying yourself some new clothes after babies is totally legit! Especially after you’ve been good about doing the work of the closet cleanout. But then I’m really good at justifying a little shopping đŸ™‚ And speaking of justifying, I LOVE your comments about walking the line of being healthy but also enjoying things you love. That sounds healthy to me!

  2. Aww the artwork for her room is so cute! And I think you definitely deserve some new clothes! I’m trying to find a balance between healthy stuff and enjoying what I like a little bit too. I’ve accepted how my body is at this point, but I should probably watch my snacking maybe a little bit!

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