Active Recovery

I can remember jumping on the treadmill after getting the “all clear” from my doctor to get exercising again after having C. I’d been running up until pelvic pain left me couch-ridden after a run around 30 weeks. I was so happy to be back on the treadmill that while I have no doubt my speed was pretty slow, I don’t remember feeling particularly out of shape. 

This pregnancy came with a toddler so I knew better than to run because any additional time on the couch was additional time away from her. I also was wary of any sort of full-body or ab specific exercise, since it felt like my abs had just finally recovered from diastasis recti. I spent most of my pregnancy walking. While not the most aerobic activity, it paid off with a quick ab recovery and a first major workout that didn’t knock me on my butt. 

That day. 

Since a treadmill has many moving parts, and toddlers have very curious fingers that fit into the smallest of spaces, i didn’t quite feel comfortable jumping back onto the treadmill without additional adult supervision. Instead, I did a quick tabata style workout that targeted the whole body using minimal equipment. Maddy got in on the action by providing additional weight to my squats when she got fussy, and C took part in any exercise that involved jumping. It was a good experience for a first workout back. 

But at 2 am the next morning, I rolled out of bed to get a crying baby and thought “well great. My entire body aches. I must be getting sick”. It turns out it had been so long since I actually worked my muscles that I forgot the feeling of the ache of a good workout. 

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One thought on “Active Recovery

  1. shaunaceyb

    OMG I’ve been gone too long… there’s a Maddy now… off to go stalk your previous posts lol

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