The Numbers Lie

I am one of those terrible women who try on their regular jeans far too early after having a baby. It’s just bad news bears, people. And I know it. So this time, I told a friend that I wasn’t allowed to try them until I had my 6 week follow up appointment and got weighed. 

Since I had an uncomplicated delivery, my follow up was with my GP, who, if you have heard me talk about before, is a fabulous doctor but clueless about all things obstetrics. I texted a friend from her office in shock “what?!?! A 6 week follow up and I got to keep my pants on?!??”

And that’s when I realized that she never weighed me either. And it was a couple days until I was finally at my parents and had access to a scale. 

I stepped on trepidatiously and was pleasantly surprised with the number. I was feeling pretty smug about going home and trying on those jeans until moments later when I walked out to pick up my daughter and the waistband of my tights rolled down, finally losing its battle with the postpartum squish that is my belly.

Don’t get me wrong: the shame I felt was not related to the jiggly bits. I know I’m just weeks out and it was a long 9 months of huge body changes. It’s not going back overnight. No, that shame you are sensing is at myself for subconsciously believing that the number on the scale had anything to do with how my jeans would fit. 

I’m at an awkward phase that I don’t remember being at the first time around where my maternity clothes are too big, my regular jeans are too small and the inbetween stuff? Its both too big and too small all at once. And so I will live in tights (that occasionally roll down but at least stretch to fit my ever-changing body), pretend my tops are all long enough and keep away from my parents’ scale for another few months.

And those jeans? They’ll stay safe from the spit up and blow out stains for another 6 weeks or so until I have my next moment of insanity. 

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2 thoughts on “The Numbers Lie

  1. When I had my son, I feel like I lost the weight pretty quickly but same thing you’re experiencing – the number on the scale doesn’t mean that your clothes from before this pregnancy are going to fit the same. It’s way easier said than done to be patient with yourself I know, but you’re doing great! 🙂 I have a trick to let you in on that I’m almost ashamed to admit, but have you heard of those perfect fit buttons?! Like one of those as seen on tv deals haha –

    But really, I’ve fallen in this weird space of sizing down like 6 months after having my son then once I stopped nursing I added just enough weight back on that most of the new pants I had bought could use one of those buttons to give me some extra room if I’m having a particularly bad few weeks (or let’s be real, most of the time). 😉 Then I even have a few pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans that are actually too big in the waist, and this lets me make them fit. They make it so that a big range of pants in my closet fit me, and at least I know I’m set if I gain or lose 5 pounds which is incredibly likely to happen over the course of time haha!

  2. The answer here is clear – LEGGINGS!!!! I’m in a weird place with my weight right now, all the weight I lost from Ollie is kind of coming back, but I’m still not where I was before I got pregnant, but I am struggling with jeans so much right now. So leggings are my BFF. You need leggings. Leggings ARE pants!! 🙂

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