Baby Steps: Romance after having a baby

Romance is kind of lacking around this house. I’d blame the kids but I also know that iPhones, iPads and Netflix are also to blame. Oh, and my ability to fall asleep before our toddler on any given night. I feel extra guilty writing about it on Valentine’s Day and the only kid-free time I have planned is a lunch date next weekend…with a friend. 

But sometimes baby steps are needed rather than one-time grand gestures. Particularly when date nights often mean having a tighter grip on the phone in case the grandparents text to say something is wrong with the kids (despite knowing that my parents would never text, preferring to muddle through using their decades of experience). 

Saturday night we took a baby step. With the toddler asleep in her bed and the baby asleep on the couch beside me, Scott and I had a mini-date. The TV was off. Our iPad and MacBook stashed away. Our phones only permitted as dictionaries. And we played Scrabble. 

I know, can you stand the excitement?

We both enjoy board games but we both enjoy very DIFFERENT board games. I love anything involving words or trivia with each person left to fend for themselves. Scott prefers role-playing, strategic games where everyone cooperates to achieve a shared goal. We both lose patience playing the other type. 

But Scott managed to mostly keep his rage in check (still pulling off a win despite me ruining a 30 point word he could make with just one letter), and I managed to stay awake. It turns out it takes very little for us to consider it a successful date night!

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One thought on “Baby Steps: Romance after having a baby

  1. Our favorite naptime activity is a date to play cribbage. It’s also super exciting! We shake it up and play Scrabble every now and then too. I like games. Nothing wrong with that. You just need to sneak in the moments to connect wherever you can!

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