SQT – Food Edition

Look at me, remembering there’s a link up all the cool kids are doing and joining in! The last few weeks, I’ve been seeing bloggy -friends linking up for Seven Quick Takes hosted by This Ain’t the Lyceum, and while I’ve been lurking, I have never remembered in enough time to pull a post together. I like structure so I decided to post a cravings based SQT. 

  1. Salted coffee – I love the smell of coffee. And apparently the only time my body handles it well is when I’m pregnant/breastfeeding. But I’m never crazy about the taste. But I’ve been watching a lot of Bones lately and one of the characters is picky about his coffee: a pinch of salt and a dash of cinnamon in with the grounds. We are apparently out of cinnamon, but the pinch of salt cuts the bitterness so now my coffee tastes the way it smells. 
  2. My mom used to make delicious Italian sub sandwiches that we got to eat in front of the tv while we watched the Grey Cup. Over the years, I’ve become more and more lazy when making them but both pregnancies I craved them so badly, especially during the first trimester using whatever we had on hand. Sometimes, they would just be butter, mozzarella cheese, dill relish and pickles on white bread. I ate so many when I was pregnant that when I eat them now, Scott gets worried that another kid is on it’s way. Nope, just love me some salt and empty carbs!
  3. A friend and I created a water cooler club at work to help keep each other hydrated. We set alarms on our Fitbit to fill up our water bottles  at two intervals a day, and we had to drink them before the next alarm went off. If we drank our allotted water for so many days, we would reward ourselves. Our last “level” before I went on mat leave was to go for Mac and cheese. Of course, I went off work two weeks early and we had to raincheck. We are finally going on Monday to a restaurant in a fancy hotel which serves their Mac and cheese with blue cheese and I believe pancetta. 
  4. We have a picky-ish eater on our hands. She eats like crazy. You give her fruit or vegetables and she will eat until you stop her. But meals? They can be tough. Some days  she loves spice. Some days she hates it. Some days she wants everything mixed together. Other days they can’t touch. While there are only a handful of days that come to mind where she flat out refused to eat what was on hand, I’ve had to get creative with our cooking and serving, often trying to guess how much meat she’ll want to eat and leave it unseasoned or just sacrificing flavour for the rest of us and serving the world’s most bland burritos.  
  5. We are going to try potty training this weekend. Based on the reading I’ve done, if it’s going to be successful in one weekend, you have to be successful the first day. So to stack the deck in our favour, we bought pretzels and apple juice. She normally doesn’t get much of either so I’m hoping loading her up with thirst-inducing food and letting her drink her weight in (watered down) juice will give her lots of opportunities to go. 
  6. Last week my sister was prepping beef stroganoff while we were over for a play date and we started talking about meals our mom used to make. While my sister could remember my mom making beef stroganoff, I could only remember her making the much more time and budget friendly version we called “flub gub”: essentially ground beef in mushroom soup. I’ve avoided mushroom soup for about a decade now because of the MSG content in it, but searching for meals when making up a grocery list this week, I decided to take a walk down memory lane. Of course, it fails the Charlotte test: it has a sauce and has all the ingredients mixed together so it doesn’t matter what her “deal” is today, it’s destined to be a failure. 
  7. I had my sister and nephews over after swimming lessons this morning. That meant making peanut butter sandwiches for 3 kids under the age of 5. Somehow they managed to devour an entire loaf of bread. And all of the sliced veggies I had on hand. And then C insisted on a snack less than an hour later. 
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2 thoughts on “SQT – Food Edition

  1. Salt and cinnamon?! You’re blowing my mind.

  2. Ok so that mac and cheese sounds AMAZING, so please report back after you eat it. And I saw your tweets regarding potty training, kind of sounds like how it went for us the first day too. It gets better, Ollie is a pee pro now. Number twos on the other hand….nope. He keeps saying “Maybe tomorrow” about doing that in the potty. Sigh. Someday!

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