2017 Book #1: A Large Harmonium

There is something creepily voyeuristic about reading a novel written by someone who attended the same university as you, writes about the city you live in, and even acknowledges people you know.

My first book of 2017 was A Large Harmonium by Sue Sorensen, post-modern novel following a university prof as she navigates day-to-day life raising a toddler and advancing her career. The chapters provide a monthly snapshot of life over the course of one year, dealing with difficult coworkers, trying in-laws, baffling toddlers, and the ineffable nature of the self.

While some plot elements carry over from chapter to chapter – the romantic meandering of a friend, Jam; the seemingly ideal and yet seemingly broken relationship between the protagonist and her husband — many ideas are addressed, developed and then left to float into the ether without resolution. While there is an underlying fear of the futility of the day to day life, there is also a wonderful sense of humour about it all. 


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One thought on “2017 Book #1: A Large Harmonium

  1. This sounds intriguing, I might have to check it out! And I promise to get off my behind and get our book club going!

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