7 Quick Takes: Potty Training Edition

If I could go back in time a whole week, this is what I would tell myself before starting to potty train C (at 2 years 5 months). Joining up again this week with This Ain’t the Lyceum’s Seven Quick Takes

1. Use treats. For yourself. Your kid may be thrilled with stickers but get something good to either quickly consume in the pantry or to binge on at night. 

2. There will be melt downs. You expect the ones from your kid but not the ones for you 

3. Remember potty training is LIFE CHANGING for your kid. Expect the same drama you had when you brought home a new baby. 

4. You can teach them to pull down their pants, climb onto the potty, wipe, flush and wash. But you can’t teach them how to actually release the pee. 

5. If you don’t want to go into the bathroom at Walmart, don’t ask if they need to pee. While they may say “no” 90% of the time at home, they will say “yes” 100% of the times you don’t want them to. 

6. Don’t do laundry the day before you start. No matter how many pairs of underwear they own, you’ll still need to do laundry every.single.day. Even if they don’t have many accidents. I don’t get it. But unless you want to just wash 12 little tiny pairs of panties by themselves, save up some laundry. 

7. For the love of all things merciful, don’t choose to potty train mere days before a major change in any of your other kids lives. There’s nothing like spending a night soothing a screaming baby whose legs are sensitive after 11 weeks in casts and then are suddenly jammed into a torture inducing orthotic device and then spending your days in a tiny cramped bathroom with a toddler. 

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Potty Training Edition

  1. Ha! It is so hard, and you’ve detailed it perfectly. Stick it out- you’re fighting the good fight!!!

  2. Yep. Sounds about right! We’re doing really well with the pee aspect now, but I can definitely relate to the wanting to go when it’s least convenient! And now he’s pulling the “mommy I have to go potty” stuff about ten minutes after he’s been in bed. FUN! Where are those adult treats again?

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