7 Quick Takes: Rain on my parade

March First marked the first day of the month, the first day of Lent and the first day I was going to stop throwing pity parties. March First went well. 

March Second? Now that was a day designed to make me work hard to avoid pity parties. Here are the seven “trials” I was put through

  1. It was a rare morning that I had to get up, and it was also a rare morning in which my toddler slept in. 
  2. Our appointment with the orthotist was pointless because she didn’t have what we needed because the receptionist didn’t ask what kind of FAB boot type we had 
  3. After being assured by multiple sources that Walmart would have the type of socks we’d need, I set foot in the store I swore I wouldn’t and found this: 
  4. I took my fairly narrow stroller into a kid’s clothing store and was glared down by the sales associate when the main aisle was about an inch to narrow and my wheel knocked some clothes off a shelf. Because heaven forbid a stroller go into a store that carries baby clothes 
  5. I spent the whole afternoon feeling like I was in my own personal game of pong, bouncing from one child’s bedside to the other in an attempt to get them to nap. 
  6. We change M’s socks after her one hour of “boot free” time. Only I forgot I needed to wash all of her socks until boot free time already started 
  7. I was craving ice cream and I went into the freezer and found an ice cream sandwich. And then I remembered the last time we bought ice cream sandwiches was… August. 

Fortunately, when you’re not allowed to feel sorry for yourself, you do a very good job of laughing at yourself.

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One thought on “7 Quick Takes: Rain on my parade

  1. If we aren’t laughing we’re crying, right? What a day that was for you though. I hope today is better! ❤

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