A Day In The Life

Being a working mom in Canada is both great and terrible. I get a full year off with my kids. But I also know this is the last year I get off with my kids. I love looking back at how different “a day at home” is compared to “a day at work” and so bare with me as I tell you all about the life I live as a lazy parent (which, it turns out, is not as lazy as I thought).


7:47am : Scott’s alarm usually goes off at 6:30. And every 9 minutes until his cellphone alarm goes off at7:00. And sometimes neither wakes him, so it’s been a chaotic morning. He and C have been up since 7:11, letting me rest a bit, since nights are still all over the place with M. But by now, Scott’s off on the bus, and I’ve got to get moving. You know my kid is going to wake up just as I’ve started my breakfast, and M needs to get up soon if we’re going to get off to a good start. It’s a busy day, so I start with oatmeal, complete with apples, peanut butter and a small spoon of cinnamon honey.

8:14am : it’s Friday, so we all have to get dressed quickly and get out the door. C  looks the cutest, possibly because (as of the day I photographed this, not the day it’s going live) M can’t wear pants with casts, and I’m going to work out. No, it’s pretty safe to say C is always the cutest.

8:47am : Dressed. Teeth brushed. Hair done. And now to gather everything we need for the morning. I know we’re all ready to go when the floor is clear.


9:16am : stop number one, dropping C off at my parents, so she can go to her weekly library programming with my mom (FYI: Stonz boots = THE BEST. Lightweight. Warm. Canadian)

9:36am : Stop number two, M and I make it to fitness almost 10 minutes early. Now we get to make awkward small talk with the other moms. Despite calling it “Mom and Baby” fitness, the babies stick to “Baby Island” while we work out around them. I’m not saying babies should be doing sit ups, but you’d think with a name like that, they’d integrate babies into more of the moves.

11:20am: back at my parents’ to feed M while we wait for C to come back from Time for Twos and see what books we’ll be reading on repeat all week. My mother, a former librarian, varies drastically in how much influence she exerts (and while sometimes that means some great books, other weeks she chooses based on what fits best in the backpack)


12:40pm: C has invited us to stay for lunch, which is usually followed by tea with my mom. We’ve started drinking from assorted china teacups from my grandmother because we’re both on a “if you don’t use it, lose it” binge.

4:13pm: just about time to clean up our mess and head home. I’ve stopped trying to get C home for naps on Fridays because she always falls asleep in the car and won’t stay asleep once I bring her inside. Since my parents looked after her while I was at work, she has a blanket and a stuffed animal at their house. She’ll also be sleeping there when I’m back at work, so I consider this “nap maintenance” (and not just my excuse for lazy parenting). M sleeps sporadically (sometimes 25 minute naps, sometimes 3 hour naps) so I alternate between putting her to sleep and browsing my phone while chatting with my parents.

6:17pm: Supper is made and yet I’m not eating it.  I always forget how late babies still nap. Especially on fitness days where naps happen at weird time and places. It’s a tough nap so I’m usually stuck in this chair for a while.


6:31pm: Even with being a “tough nap,” this kid is so much faster to put to sleep than C, and so back out in the land of light, eating the two slices of pizza they left for me. Fortunately, C is enamoured with her dad, so I can eat in peace before the bedtime chaos.

8:50pm: C is in bed, still singing to herself. Madeline is down-ish (she’s a sleepy clusterfeeder so she’s passed out on my lap until she gets hungry again). And of course, there’s a hockey game on. We pay over $100 a month so we can get the hockey channels (ok, that’s internet and cable), so while I don’t necessarily like hockey all that much, I feel I have to watch it.

10:26pm: I’m guessing we lost the game. I usually can’t stay awake. I get M settled into the bassinet in our room, but go back to check on C. She doesn’t like saying goodnight to me, so this is often my only chance to give her a good night kiss.


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2 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. I like a “day in the life” kind of post – it’s neat to see what other people’s schedules are like! I should do a post like that one of these days. My working days are very different than my weekend days, I could do a side by side, lol!

  2. I always really like these day in the life posts, and maybe they’ll be nice as a mom to read back on to remember what life was like at this stage! 🙂

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