7QT: Why I’m Going to Run Tomorrow

I’m rocking a baby and it’s quiet and peaceful so even though she is asleep, I’m blogging rather than putting her down and helping with dishes. Shhh don’t tell Scott. 

It’s been a bit of a cluster…bomb… around here as of late. After M’s tenotomy, exercise was paused. And then between colds and boots we just never started back up. I made it to fitness class when I could but never pressured myself on days when M might get fussy. 

But starting tomorrow, we’re back. No excuses. And believe me, I have lots. And here are my seven reasons why (Seven because I’m linking up with This Ain’t the Lyceum again!) 

  1. My dad adjusted my treadmill a few weeks ago and I forgot to go for a test run to see if it’s fixed. 
  2. I paid a lot of money for a fitness class that started last week, and I’ve already missed one class and that just doesn’t sit well with my financially conservative (aka cheap) ways. 
  3. Home workouts are the best way to get C off my case about wanting to play downstairs since my gym and her playroom co-exist in our family room. 
  4. We’re now in the end stages if the cold where the mucus is thick and cardio really helps get it moving
  5. Whitney of We’re Only Hsuman reminded me that outdoor running season is almost here and the transition to pushing a double stroller could be rather embarrassing if I’m not in better shape
  6. One piece bathing suits are hard to pee in, beach bathrooms are gross enough without being naked and I can’t quite fit into current bikini selection (see “financially conservative” in number 2) The only other alternative is to just go in the water which may work in the lake, but probably not appreciated in my sister’s pool. 
  7. If I manage to get a workout AND a shower in before lunch, I am totally allowed to slack off for the rest of the day, right?
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3 thoughts on “7QT: Why I’m Going to Run Tomorrow

  1. Reason 7 sounds good to me! I like that way of thinking about it 🙂

  2. You’ve got it, girl!! No excuses is right. I believe in you!

  3. ROFL I should probably make a list too, I have been sitting on my arse too much since my headcold. .And I’m running (cough, walking) a 5k this Saturday. Maybe that’ll kick start my efforts again! Sigh. It would help if it would stay consistently nice outside!

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